Not understanding this issue

I acquired an Xbox one from my brother and it had killer instinct already on it, I think it was the free edition. I’ve always been a fan of KI so I purchased the biggest bundle for $40 and It unlock all the characters, problem is when my other brother signs in his account he gets the limited characters. Is this a bug or is Xbox and game companies getting more and more greedy?

Your purchases have always followed your Xbox Live ID. If you want him to be able to play the full version you’ll need to set up Game Share and that should fix that.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Wow… Sounds like Microsoft is against the idea of us socialising with anybody in Real Life.

So I enabled gameshare and then I had to go to the store for ki and find all the packs and the season 3 I purchased and clicked install and it works now…I’m shocked that’s even an option

Why are you shocked? The games with gold family share has been around for ever and is advertised on your home page daily. The Xbox in your house with the main ID and most games should be your home XBox, all secondary IDs after that main get to play all digital games on there ID as well. Its that simple.
If it wasnt that way people would be abusing sharing Game tags across the world.