Not sure if a bug...kinda hope its not

I was fighting a maya player and while in instinct he tried to throw her unlockable at me. I caught him with a shadow ruin and afterwards the daggers were gone for a long time. Id say around 10 seconds maybe. Not sure if it’s a bug but if it’s not that can definitley make this fight not as uphill since Maya could end up pretty helpless depending on how the match is going.

Well, if she had full pips and threw it at you as you did shadow ruin, that means they went full speed past you and across the stage. I imagine it would take a long time for them to arc back around (it’d be a pretty big arc) and make the long travel distance back across the stage and into her hands again. I’ll test this in the lab to see for myself and get back to you. :wink:

EDIT: It took me 2 tries. The 1st time I did it, I threw the daggers at Aganos from full screen - it hovered over him for a second and then came back, not hitting him in the process; it was very quick. The 2nd time, however, I threw the daggers with Maya standing right next to Aganos while she was in the corner; this time, the daggers hovered over Aganos for a second, circled behind him, hovered over him again a 2nd time while he was still invincible, and then proceeded to go straight back to the opposite side of the stage instead of returning to Maya. I assume that this, or a similar situation like it, is what happened to you. Basically, the dagger AI tries to find a target, and when it can’t seem to do so a 2nd time, and also can’t return to Maya because of the fact that she’s in hit-stun and flying across the screen (possibly through walls), it decides to just act like it missed and go to the opposite side of the stage instead. Weird? Yes. A bug or intentional? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the devs about that. Which is why I recommend you go ahead and report this to the official bug reporting thread under the game suggestions and feedback sub-forum. If it was intentional, the devs will let you know (and possibly why it is intentional); if not, then yay, they’ll know about the bug and can then start taking steps towards fixing it. :wink: