Nobody plays exhibition?

Today I found one dude in exhibition and that is all, after that I am just stuck at searching screen for eternity.

Does nobody play exhibition or is it some kind of bug?

Seriously I have read half of Art of War while waiting for matches this week…

Yesterday, the xbox live wasn’t going very well, with some disconnection every 10 minutes or so.
If you had checked your connexion status during these disconnection you may could have seen that you were connected to xbox live but the services where “unattainable” (or something like that), which mean you could search as long as you wanted but nobody would come until the connexion was stable again.

So yeah, didn’t wanted to play like this.

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True, it was a nightmare trying to sign in. I coulnd’t get it after hours later.

I NEVER have an issue finding a match in EX…NEVER… this past week its been full of Qualifiers as well due to the new S2 free on Gold.

It has to be due to where you live and not Ki’s fault.

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Was a bit rough yesterday due to Xbox downtime. It didn’t take long to get games going right after they fixed the issue, but I did have to reset my games twice to find people again.

Been full of qualifiers, but still hard to find fighters.
I find kI very buggy. Mostly networking.

Best time to fight, around dinner time.

I literally cannot find any opponents… I have not got problems earlier, now its searching forever, really worries me :confused:

I gotta point my criteria is killer only.