No stage for RAAM? Big misstep

Right now, I think the character lacks a bit of polish, personality and intimidation factor.

Can you imagine a stage with Cog vs Locusts? A graveyard battle or the beautiful city ruins from the Gears franchise? Reapers flying in the air? A COG soldier in a tourret blasting away into the distance?The only possible reason for not having a stage for this iconic baddie is cash flow and/or development fatigue.

This game needs another community fund and I’ll put up 20 or so just to see it complete (including fixes to retros and Orchid’s hair).

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Raam himself is a big misstep. IG if you stop caring, so will the fans.

Not to me I’m loving raam as he is, if anything I’m not a big fan of his retro colors just because they’re too “colorful”. He doesn’t seem like the kind of character to have bright colors imo. As for a stage I thought he could have the train where he fought Dom and Marcus so it’d be KIs first constantly moving stage.


You shush, Many of us find RAAM to be fun new addition to the cast. IG didn’t “stop caring” just because they put in some guest characters.


Please speak for yourself

They haven’t, neither has Microsoft, who also makes the game.


Yo, Pink Retro RAAM ALL DAY.

Right @oTigerSpirit?


Lol stop :joy:

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I think the Locust city underground with immulsion everywhere would be awesome for Raam. Hey IG, ask the Coalition to send over some assets to make creating a stage easier! COMEON!!

I mean… isn’t lack of funds always the reason for why a feature gets left out?

I’m sure if MS dropped $5 million on the table and said “make us a RAAM stage”, they’d love to do that.



I want Mira to have a stage before anyone else… now that Gargos is getting one.

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Not being a gears player, this might sound strange. I’d really enjoy seeing a Raam stage. I also agree that he lacks a little balancing with his moves (his qcb+hk is so easy to dodge it’s almost useless imho and his swarm qcf+k moves I feel should radiate out more to provide a way to pressure the opponent but that’s a little off topic). If they could do as good a job as they did with Arbiter’s sound design for his stage, it’d be good to see the other big guest getting a stage (I’m not going to discuss Rash here, as just thinking about him is getting me salty :D)

It’s Microsoft decision not IGs

Strapped for cash. This game operates on a Mickey Mouse budget, hence why every new character or content brings about new bugs. They are not only strapped for cash, but pressed for time. Theres only so much you can do with limited funds and a deadline.

Inconsistency has become the KI trademark. Season 3 was the final nail in the coffin, it was a desperate attempt to get more people to play. They basically bet the farm by releasing alot of guest characters to attract more casuals, they re-lit the game with bells and whistles, and ported to PC.

What ended up happening is that we are a few stages short and the bugs have begun to pile up. Theres still season 2 bugs lingering around. Hell, They fixed a season 1 spinal bug just recently.

The major issue here is the “microsoft” title. People are expecting a more polished product, not somehting you find on the indie section. If you can get past that and accept it as a low budget indie fighter your life will be alot easier.

league of legends is a game with more than triple, no quadriple the budget K.I has and yet there are numerous bugs that pop up in the game that require constant patching. bugs are not something that can just be dealt with money, even time. there is a reason they are called bugs, kill one and 50 pop up. there will never be a game that is 100 percent bug free especially with a game that updates itself as with each change in the code causes the chance to create more new bugs.