No retro stages but how about this

@developers Since you can’t give us retro stages (at least not now) how about having an option to add retro music? It’s already in the game, well the killer cuts soundtrack anyway although I would appreciate it if you could add the soundtrack from the arcade version. I don’t know if this would be expensive or not but if not then it would be cool if music from the arcade version of KI1 was added to the game within the next 2 or 3 patches.


I asked about this years ago. They said that they would need to record other again, because the tracks don’t speed up correctly when in “danger” or the ultra is done.

I don’t see this happening. Even if they did, then it would become who’s music gets picked and when does it come out. Next would be people complaining that KI2 music is not there and why couldn’t that be used. Then fighting over what tracks are better, or they didn’t record it right.

I think the new content is comming to a end, other than the “gold skins, and Shadow Jago sliver”.

When did that happen?

Over a year ago. Right around the start of S2. I asked why they could put the KI1 music as stage music considering it is already in the game. It was explained to me that the way the KI1 music plays in training is different from how it would need to play if used on a stage. That it would need to be remade to work on a stage.

For me it sort of worked out. Cinder’s music was my favorite, and they kept his music track close to the orginal, so I can’t complain

Was it on the forums or a stream?