No more inactivity penalty?

So I haven’t played the Xbox version of KI since July. Hopped into ranked today expecting to make the gold climb and… was still killer… Did the inactivity penalty get removed?

If you’re playing on Wins 10 with the same account active, it won’t count as inactivity. If you don’t play ranked on your account you still get the warning, I have just got that today.

No I haven’t played Xbox or W10. Only steam and that’s not connected to those accounts.

It was sure as heck active for me…I got bumped down to Gold when I finally hopped back into Ranked a few weeks ago.

I feel sorry for the innocent golds that felt your wrath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I mostly didn’t play Hisako, but yeah, me too :joy:

The grind is extra long now too! You get very little for beating another gold.

Well then I guess it’s safe to say a bug protected my rank. GGs IG.