No more black backgrounds during camera angle changes?

Eyedol’s instinct animation changes camera angles but doesn’t cut to black like how ARIA’s instinct animation does or like Shadow Jago’s Ultimate.

Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, the reason for the black background during animations that had angle cuts was because the in game camera wasn’t set up to do it. Can someone please clarify this for me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Eyedol’s Instinct activation clip:

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They only needed the black background if the camera angles would show parts of the stages the don’t exist. Eyedol’s instinct doesn’t have that problem as far as i can see so no need for black background.

ARIA had the stylized background to make her instinct transformation as anime as possible (since her instinct is basically just Voltron)
Shago’s Ultimate has the black background to allow it to be used on any stage, indoor or outdoor.

OK so I mustn’t have remembered correctly. Thanks for clearing that up. Kinda annoys me that the stage boundaries weren’t planned out better in the first place. Wouldn’t have needed those black backgrounds during level 4 enders. I have them switched off for that reason.

It’s hard to know beforehand what parts of the stage will be shown when the game is seasonal (new characters, most of them not planned out before the new season is actually confirmed) and when the development changes hands.

Had the game started on S2 (making it actually S1) I’m sure IG would either plan the stages considering all animations or not do such animations at all.