No Mercy moves (Ultimates)

I would suggest that included the ultimates game for all characters in the game, because only the Shadow Jago owns and people who like to play with other characters are unhappy with it. I’ve always been a fan of the franchise and the no mercy moves of Killer Instinct 2 included an alternative system of submissions beyond the ultra combos.
This very pleasing to fans and attract fans of other franchises such as Mortal Kombat.

This was a feature taken from the game that is missing and the players love, take good things do not make much sense. Should include it again in the game or at least add more ultras stage.

Thank you!



I certainly would like to have them come back. It was available as an option to vote. While we won’t know the turnout I think KI will feel much closer to completion with the Ultimates included. Besides I’m sick of Ultra Combos to. They’re stale as ■■■■, regardless of how iconic they are.

Are we really at 67 already? only two more :stuck_out_tongue:

I can understand the likes are just counting Ultimates as an issue but I don’t think people can expect anyone to really shut-up about it until it happens.

So I’m crossing my fingers on it being a possibility.

Maybe we should count how many times people bring up “Missing stages”

I have no problem with people wanting ultimates, I want them aswell. But we really don’t need a new thread about the topic every two days.

Now what’s gona happen if they turn out poorly? The backlash will be in full force and could make IG not bothering to do them again.

Then there’s the tale of “do it once, never do it again.” syndrome. Much like how 90% of the playerbase just ultra>ender instantly.

So from IG’s perspective possibly, why waste all that time and effort just so it’s forgotten a day later?

Then there’s the actual characters themselves since a majority of them aren’t human.

I assume thse pop up alot because they feel they expect the devs to give an answer wich I think they have by giving us the survey.

I think also learning from Eyedol I have a hunch that topics of wanting a feature wanted in tend to happen way more frequently when you have high resistance as well. Call it a hunch though.

It’s easy to guess what the devs are thinking but’s a whole other thing to actually be them. I’m sure they can take the time to make the Ultimates good in quality if they are even willing to do them in the first place. You may be worried about em’ looking bad which is a legit concern. But when you consider how hard it is to keep a green lifebar in online play you may not get to see it often.

For me it just makes Ultimates all the sweeter. If you want you can stick with your Ultras if ya want to. I personally just want more fun options to finish off my opponents.

And? even if that’s the case what does that have to do with how they look in affect? Alot of them have similar naimations when they are thrown or hit with Hisako’s attacks etc. What does that have to do with this? I mean anatomy may be one thin, but since all of em are bipedal I think it can work fine.

The idea that something may turn out bad can happen with all content, stages, characters, not just Ultimates.

Since no mercy, finishers whatever don’t affect gameplay. They should look good. I mean from a gameplay standpoint the rules are bent for that purpose. But since ultimates are cinematic all the way through I’d rather not have IG go the MK route where everything is the same on everyone. It just looks bad.

Remember the orchid sweater puppy flash in KI? If done to characters without actual eyeballs? Yeah…I’d rather not see urological things like that happen. Or say aganos gets his heart ripped out…he’s made of rock…so that would just end up ruining the whole thing. Things like that.

Oh yeah, then there’s the typical response of “this game is nothing but a MK rip off now. Why is IG trying to copy MK with these lame ■■■ fatalities? This sucks.”

Or something to that nature. I really don’t want to hear that stupid nonsense. I really don’t. I would never hear the end of it.