No longer in support of comunity funds feed back

It goes towards the 2017 Ultra Tour, which, I assume, encapsulates both offline and online tournaments.

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What is the need to complain so much on something you dont even own?

I am not only referring to the OP but to every person complaining.

You disagree with the price, concept or whatever, don’t buy it.

“But MS will continue to do it if other players buy it!”

This just means you are part of the minority of players that didnt buy it (in this imaginary narrative that I am creating)

Simple economics people, if the market doesnt want it, it will fail, it wont happen again. If the market wants it, it will replicate.

I haven’t bought Killgore, I am just not interested in this character. BUM!! that’s all.

Apparently people wanting to get paid for the hard work they’ve done is wrong now?

IG presented everyone with what was to be included in S3. We got exactly that. Anything else above that (with exception of patches and such) is beyond the call of duty. If they create a new character, they can charge for it.

You either agree to the purchase or you don’t. It’s really that simple.

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Some people don’t like that Kilgore is tied to an involuntary donation to the tourney fund. Shago was also tied to an involuntary donation to the tourney fund. The only difference, as stated above, was that we had to wait on Shago, whereas Kilgore came much sooner.

I think that there’s value in supporting the tourney scene, even if it’s likely not a value that many of us realize in an overt way. I think that value has been explained in this thread and many others regarding this topic, so I won’t go in to it again.

Either way though, if you see the value in the character and don’t mind contributing a few bucks to help support the scene, go for it. If you don’t see that value or you’d prefer not to donate, then so be it. He’ll probably be available for $5 later at some point. No big deal.


I never said that I don’t like.
Actually I agree with him, I will not buy Kilgore or any other new char for 10$ to fund tournaments.
I was just pointing that we have at least 4 others topics discussing the same thing.


While you’re correct that they were upfront about this community fund and where the cash was going, they are also partially to blame for the expectation everyone had that the second fund would be for actual in-game content as well as tournament funding. Way back in season two I believe they had done a stream and suggested Shadow Orchid or Shadow Maya as a possible carrot to dangle in front of players to get them to fund another event.

The expectation didn’t materialize out of a sense of entitlement, they kind of led us to believe that fundraisers would have something for both camps, in-game content and tournament support so I can relate to people who are disappointed with how Kilgore’s release was handled.

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But the in game content is Kilgore instead of a shadow character . And yet people resented that.

I think Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios should really think about this. You got some fans that are a little concerned about the price tag for Kilgore. I believe that somebody from Microsoft should address this and get this all straighten out as to why the game was intended to just have a bunch of microtransactions. It is not attractive to a lot of people and it seems to be killing this game slowly regardless of the thousands of tournaments fans that support it.

And how is that working out?

So if ONE character was $10 and the other half did not go to tournaments, would that also be ok?

I would like to know what that FUTURE is?

This could have all been solved, if Killer Instinct was just released COMPLETED with a season pass in 2017 instead of making it free 2 play. I would not have mind waiting another 3 more years.

I don’t know, Kilgore came out last week so it’s a bit early to tell how it’s working out.

I agree, I am getting really effing tired of these popping up.

You don’t have to buy him if you don’t wanna put anything in the community fund, wait till he’s 5 bucks and THEN you can buy him. Plain and simple.

As far as I’m concerned the tournament exposure means more people get to see it, and more people may be able to get it. Meaning more money for the game and more development. So all in all it it is adding something to the game. Just not as directly as YOU want it.

For the last time we get it, you guys don’t wanna feel like your cheated but simply just don’t buy Kilgore until he’s cheap enough for you.

You’re missing the point.

The funding. The extra. On top of the paid content funds nothing but tournaments. That money to a person who doesn’t care about the pro scene is “wasted”, catch my drift? The first fund gave you over $20 in content AND funded the creation of Shadow Jago AND still funded tournaments.

lightbulb moment Why don’t Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft make a promotional bill board with new characters blurred out with a donation basket attached to it. That will entice gamers to want to buy the game more.

That costs quite a bit of money to do in the instance of advertisement it’s not that simple.

Then they can go the cheap route I guess.

It’s plain and simple; people expressing their distaste for donations have stretched out their issues as thin as I can see it. Infact they’ve stretched it out so thin I can cut it with a pair of scissors. We get it, you guys don’t like it, end of story.

Bottom line is: Don’t buy him if you don’t think donating to get KI to a tournament is worth anything. Wait till the price drops and you can get him then.

People are not upset about the $10. Its what comes with the $10. You only get one character and half of the proceeds goes to tournaments. Not to mention how Kilgore does not have his own stage nor a costume to boot/an ultimate. And to make it worst, no KI gold with the character or Shadow points? Maybe they will do it with the next fighter? Can you imagine if other fighting games started doing this? $10 for each DLC fighter? The outcry from Netherrealm Studio fans would be toxic! Catching their drift now?

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