No longer in support of comunity funds feed back

So with the 1st comunity fund we got the shadow jago skin but from the fund money shago got turned into a real boy as if he was a hole new character so I was happy to support the fund because we all got something out of it. This led so many people to belive that funds could be used for more content like characters, stages and Ultimates but the new fund has come and the money from it is not giving us anything out of it. Kilgore has already been made so the money from the Kilgore fund wont be going to him. Ultimates are coming anyway regardless if theres a fund or not and I.G has said the fund is for Tournaments yeah that great and all but only a minority of people go to them and tournaments them self add apsalutly nothing to the game it self. This fund is taking our cash and pretty much giving nothing in return to the majority so from this point on any fund that is made in future that is not to specially to add content to the game I will not be supporting it what so ever. Thank you for your time and good day.


False, that fund money also went to tournaments, real boy Shago was just a reward for reaching a certain amount. Honestly I’m beginning to wonder how people would react if Kilgore wasn’t already a finished character. Seeing “reach $x amount and we’ll make Kilgore a character” would have been worse in every way but it would “feel” like you were funding something again.


Another topic about this again?

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Well, it was expressed very clearly on what the intention was of this fund in their video here:

So, based off this, your quote of what you thought the funds generated from this were going towards was off. Microsoft didn’t lead you to believe this at all.

…No, $5 goes to him. Much like how you would pay for a single character.

Only the Kilgore fund. Not anything else.

You paid for a character, with an additional $5 added to the price to assist with a tournament scene. Wait out the price to drop if you wish to not participate.

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I wholeheartedly disagree with the OP. The devs have always been upfront in regards to where the money is me going.

The idea that the Shago CF gave us ultimates, etc. is false. We only got 1 at the time. If anything, it was an experiment.

The idea that tournament funding does nothing is also false. It incentivizes more people to go to the events and in turn helps grow the community, the game’s exposure, its fan base, etc.

He has a right to voice his opinion in a constructive manner. Regardless if it is something you may not like.

$5 goes for kilgore’s development
$5 goes for tournament promotion

The latter is not just to benefit tournament goers. The more tournaments with bigger exposure mean more people picking up KI, growing the community and SPENDING MONEY IN THE GAME. More money spent on the game, the more extra characters we’ll get, more extra stages we’ll get and so on.


Yay! Fincho is battling ignorance and intolerance! W00t!

I know I wasnt counting the Tournament because it adds nothing to the game

also the people saying $5 of the fund goes to buy the character Kilgore are wrong because you see that $5 is paying for the character it self which means its not part of the fund its the the exstra $5 out of the $10 that is the fund money not the money your uesing for Kilgore him self your paying $5 for a character then paying a exstra $5 for the fund

Try not to think of it as:

"I’m donating $5 to something I don’t care about.

Try and see the brighter side of it, that it will be an,e to help the game grow, and possibly give us more content later on in the game’s future.

Plus, like people said, you can always wait. :slight_smile:

It does not give incentive when over half the people cant go because of location or the fact that most casual games dont even know Tournaments are even a thing. Adding a bigger pot to the prize money does not add exstra advertisment to the Tournaments or the game in anyway what so ever. The only people who go are the bigger gamers who know Tournaments are a thing and eather close to where its being held or has a but load of money to get there the Tournaments add nothing to the game.

How will it make the game grow when Tournaments add nothing to the game?

I couldn’t understand a majority of what you typed.

Supporting the tourney scene isn’t just a payout for the tourney players. It’s effectively paying in to the advertising fund.

Do you know how new players are attracted to a game? Usually through promotional media, exposure to the product. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to put together an effective advertisement and buy airtime? Compare that to the amount necessary to run a tourney series that will air live on stream services for no cost to the viewer (and will be hosted on various other streaming channels, effectively free airtime by virtue of existence).

Financially, it makes much more sense to advertise via tournament (considering the target demographic and that our game is freeware) than via commercial. Realistically, $5 of each Kilgore purchase goes toward ADVERTISING - “tournament scene” is just a much more community oriented turn of phrasing.

If our tourney scene weren’t looked at as our primary source of advertising, if MS were looking to fund traditional advertising mediums via Kilgore sales he would cost between $15-17.

Moreover, will you grumpy little clowns stop blaming IG for prices? That’s the publisher’s decision - MS controls the pricing.

MS controls the pricing. $5 for advertising.

Can we all please try to remember this?

Edit Mod - one time is enough to to get the point across.

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You can’t just not count them, that’s literally where all the money went.

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Edited the quote, because grammar and spelling.

We all said this, so you’re either misinterpreting what we’re telling you or something else.

Again, reminder.



Because exposure to increase growth and potential new players to play KI is always a great thing. Even though it may add nothing to the game, people like to see characters pushed to the limit, see what they can do and how the pros use them.

Like for example, I play Kim Wu as my main. Seeing her in action interested me, but it wasn’t until I saw her in action in a pro player’s hands dominating a tourney, did I solidify playing her. I’m sure there are MANY people that do the same thing. Even with other games.

If you look at it like Street Fighter, people are always watching the pros play, to increase their game. I constantly watch SF streams because watching makes me hype, which fuels the desire to play the game even more. With KI, it’s got to be the same, because KI is an amazing fighting game I feel should be higher on the radar for fighting games. More tourney fund means more increase in Pro players joining said tourneys, which may increase potential viewers to see the game and want to play, and it just takes off from there. More Viewership/Players means more chances KI gets more popular than it is now. Which means, more money for cool new content down the line, more players, KI Being featured more on headlines, ect.

It’s a bit hard to just give money if you know you aren’t going to receive something back. I totally understand. But I bought Kilgore to support the tourney fund, TBH. Because I know that it will pay off for the future of this game. :slight_smile:


The point of a fund like this serves a few purposes.

With the current popularity of streaming, a lot of exposure for a game comes from individuals’ Twitch streams as well as those from tournaments. The tournament watching public has been wanting larger or more exciting tournaments, and this solves that desire by offering larger prizes (to more tournaments, too) which will in turn draw more competition (and in turn, more exposure and recognition) to the tournaments which benefit from the fund.

With more exposure, the overall KI community may grow as new players discover KI or are drawn by its gameplay or atmosphere. As the community grows, so does Microsoft’s incentive to fund additional content for KI, which in turn keeps us interested and playing, and keeps Iron Galaxy working on a game we love.

It’s entirely ok not to want to pay into this fund, but it’s misinformed to say that a fund like this (and the tournaments) do not add anything to the game or community as a whole.

Also, didn’t they state that the money in the Community Fund was going to go towards online tournaments, as well as offline? I can’t check the video to confirm, but I’m pretty sure that was directly stated by either Keits or Isaac. If online tournaments are also going to benefit from the Community Fund, the arguments about not being able to travel to offline tournaments aren’t entirely applicable, as there will be ways to compete and try to win some of the prize money without traveling.


With how many online tourney’s we have, location doesn’t matter. Tourney’s add a LOT to a fighting game - they provide a medium for serious players to come together and put their passions and their knowledge to the test against their fellow like-minded players.

I will say that more in-game announcement and tracking of tourney’s would be a huge boon.

Moreover, our tournaments are free entertainment provided by the best of our playerbase on a more than weekly basis. Seriously, w/in the KI community, between onlines and offlines, we have at least, if not more than, one tourney per week (on average).

More advertisement means more people spending more money (hopefully) on the game, means more support for the dev team, means more content down the line.

Tournaments really aren’t the devil that the anti-CF crowd wants them to be. And our game (characters, gameplay) is still higher quality than a majority of our competition, with active patching and bugfixes.