No KI in Evo Trailer =(

I guess technically KI was in the trailer with it showing sleep winning but no actual gameplay.


I wouldn’t expect any changes to the trailer, or another trailer to drop showcasing KI… I’m not saying they have something against the game, but the slight bias towards Capcom games doesn’t help the cause either…

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It’s no secret Sony really wants to have a hold on the fighting game share of the market, given how they are buying exclusivity rights to popular fighting games left and right. Street Fighter 5, Guilty Gear, the newer Blazblue iterations, King of Fighters 14, etc. I guess Killer Instinct being as good as it was and being console exclusive at launch must have made them nervous about someone encroaching on their territory.

So given Sony wants the strong share of the market, pocketed Capcom in a time where they were struggling financially somewhat, bought up exclusives, and funds a lot of these tournaments with prize money, I’m not surprised the air time and trailer focus goes to their properties. Smash is about the only exception given it has several generations worth of games to continue a tournament legacy, whereas KI only has our one game that is somewhat hard to get noticed since there’s not much advertisement for it, and getting prize money for big tourneys is also somewhat difficult. Plus Microsoft seems to be comfortable letting this share of the market go in favor of covering shooter games more commonly, especially with Halo and Gears on their big ticket items.

Still kinda doesn’t feel right given how much it’s been apart of it for the last few years. Mortal Kombat was surprisingly absent in that trailer too, unless I just missed it.

Just because its not shown doesn’t mean it won’t fill up the last spot. I’m still hopeful but I’ll admit it isn’t looking good which is dissapointing. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed though.

It better be represented! :rage:

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I still remember EVO 2105. It was special to me


Confirmed, Maru is from the future!


it was a long a trip! XD :joy::joy::joy:

( * 2015 )


This would be terrible. Especially with games like Smash Bros Melee still get to be around EVERY year. We don’t need two Smash games.

I understand that KI isn’t that big but what I am sad is how they are two Smash games. 2. I understand the communities are different but there is a chunk of people who doesn’t like SFV but we don’t see USFIV at EVO. Why not add 3rd Strike as well. While they are at it, add a bunch of classic games to EVO.

Well, correct me if I’m wrong but we didn’t see KoF, Pokken, MKX, or MvC3 in that trailer, basically all we saw was tekken, SFV, GG, S4, and melee.

I doubt that Evo is dropping to just 5 games.

EDIT: MKX is seen in the big stadium screen in the first scene. I still think this isn’t indicative of anything though.

Though, I think they’ll drop pokken. Literally took wayyy too long. Also, would say smash 4 should be out since the devs have no interest in it being anything more than a glorified party game. But… Here it is. Taking up a slot.

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Season 4? NO LEAKS ALLOWED Kappa


It’s going to be interesting with Injustice 2 coming out before EVO. Would it be feasible for EVO to have both games since the fan bases overlap so much for both?

Injustice 2 and MKX that is.

I’ll be highly surprised if we don’t see KI, MKX, Injustice 2 at EVO next year.

Pretty sure the game lineup announcement is at a different time, closer to the tournament right? I think last year they announced “EVO 2016 will happen” and a few months later released the list of which games were going to have representation.


I think your correct. I was planing on booking a few nights at a hotel to go to EVO last year and was waiting for that announcment. My Legal Guardian was like “okay well its getting pretty close are you sure they will have KI there?”

Was announced like the next day and before we could get a place to stay everything was booked. (dunno why i told you that) but yeah I think Ki will be there. Injustice 2 is also a game that seems like it would show up.

Too early to tell. Ki could have some big release this spring propelling the game into EVO status.

You never know until you know for sure.

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We’ll see, but I’m not expecting KI to be there. That was actually a big part of why I made the tip to EVO last year - wanted to go to it at least once to play the game I love. If there’s a S4 then I think it may make it in, but if there isn’t then I wouldn’t bank on it.

Pretty sure Injustice 2 is a shoe-in, and I’d guess MKX could maybe make it alongside, but also wouldn’t be too surprised to see Injustice supplant it since the player bases overlap so much.

There is certainly a market for smaller games at EVO (logistically, it is helpful to have smaller tournaments that can end on Sat), but people really need to remember that at its core EVO is a business. It is being held to make money, and in the TO business more participants equals more money. I hate watching Melee, but that game has earned its spot considerably more than KI, KI’s participant growth year-to-year notwithstanding. The lack of overlap between Smash 4 and Melee also means it makes good business sense to have both. I think the case can be made that from an organization and variety standpoint Melee should be retired from EVO, but from a business case it makes every bit of sense to have it there.


Yeah i also don’t think KI will make it this year. The only thing kind of going for it is that pokken will also likely be dropped meaning injustice 2 could take its spot instead of KI’s, but that’s pretty wishful thinking.
Either way three years is not a bad run at all. A lot of games barely make it in for one year and even more never even make it in once so it’s not like there’d really be anything to complain about should KI not make it to four years.