No Fighters available on PC in offline-mode

Hallo :smiley:,

ive bought the supreme Edition for XBOX ONE and i have KI installed on my gamer-PC. Everything is fine so far and im glad to have it on PC now.

But, i dont like the Feeling to be dependent from Internet Connection. Servers may be not available or in maintanance or will be shut down in the future. But i love the offline Content (Dojo, Story, Arcade, Survival).

If i go offline with my pc, ervery fighter (only one left) are greyed out. Not available anymore. Is there any Chance we will get full offline-functionality in the future. I hate this always-online-concept of Microsoft when they came out with the ONE and many People critized it, so the stepped away from it.

Please, make Killer Instinct fully playable in offline-mode.

Thank you

Since you are a Harald, you need to possess a character in the game first :stuck_out_tongue: (points for bad joke?)

Jokes aside, I agree, you should be able to fight with all your characters even if you aren’t online.

I’d like to see this also. I tried to jump into some single player while xbox live was down one day and couldn’t access any characters except Jago. Was sad :frowning:

edit (6 days later): unplugged internet from xbox and tried again, all fighters available. not sure if fixed or somehow tied to xbox live being down but seems to be working for me at least

A friend had bought s1 and 2 ultra on xb1, and then s3 on pc. Without an online connection he only has access to s3 and the free character. I hope this gets fixed soon :frowning:

Hi there ^^,

at least he has Access to s3. Ive bought supreme and got the free char only offline O_o

I hope, that the developers may read this Topic … and some day … they hopefully fix this (please :slight_smile:)

Hmmm :thinking: what is so Special of beeing a “Harald”

I need this too. I only have access to Shadow Jago and the free character. It isn’t fair.

I just tried mine on my PC with no net connection and i have all seasons characters and shago accessible. If this helps, I bought the supreme edition strictly for the PC version so i never accessed the game on an xbox one.

In my case it works with every character apart from Shadow Jago. I already posted this into the Season 3 Bug Thread, but I’m not sure they care for this…

Thank you for the answer. Oh no, if this is real … i would have bought it for pc. I really hope, the developers take care of it.

@ Sphyn1x: did you bought the pc-version or the One?

If you own the season, then you can download each character to store on your HD. This way it sees you have it and will load each character.

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oooh i’ll have to give that a try later. thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

How do I do that?

Hm, i dont think so. All charcacters are there, the Moment i go online. No Need to download them. So they are already on the hdd.

The Problem is, the the game cant get Access to them while playing offline.

I bought the PC Supreme Bundle, and Shadow Jago in the Xbox Store back in December. So I guess you only have access to the content you bought in the Windows Store. I hope they will fix this soon.

I, on the contrary, bought the Supreme Edition through the Xbox app on Windows 10 and Shadow Jago on the In Game Store, but I can only play Shadow Jago when I’m offline.

I think it’s an authentication problem.

Right. When you ate online the game sews the combo pack or whatever you bought, and unlocks the characters. Offline it does not know what the combo pack is, so no one is unlocked. I had that problem until I got each character downloaded. This way the game does not care what pack you own because the characters are there.

How do you “download the characters”?

Go to manage game, and there will be a list of things you can download for the game. It shows you what you have installed and what you can install