No dynamic stage/music on Astral Plane?

…or it will be added after shadow lords update??

It’s supposed to be Gargos’ theme so probably it’s because we’re not ready to play fully yet.


It’s Gargos stage

Eh, i remember one of the developers using a cop out story reason as to why astral plane would not be dynamic (something about the overwhelming indifference of the universe… Or was that werner herzog?)

Either way, i think what you see in survival mode is what we’re gonna get :confused:

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The Astral plane stage is somewhat of an afterthought I think, I don’t expect it to have any of the bells and whistles. They said it from the start that season 3 only had 3 stages, the Astral plane is the stage equivalent to Omen, added in as more of a formality than a fully featured piece of content.

Is it this one?:

RyuHayabusaX – Does the Astral Plane have a Stage Ultra? No way, the Astral Plane is impervious to puny Earthly destruction!


yea das it!

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