No crossplay on Ranked?

I don’t know what the logic behind this is. If there’s crossplay on Exhibition and player lobbies, why can’t there be crossplay on Ranked? The playerbase for this game is already fairly small, splitting them up between the two platforms could be really bad for the lifespan of the game.

I’d recommend you ask the developers element. here like this @developers

BTW, good stuff at SCR :slight_smile:

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My guess is, devs have less control over Ladder on Steam ecosystem. In other words, ranked ladder on Steam will propably get hacked in around 1 week.

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I had similar thoughts.

What makes you assume that?

You know what, it only just hit me when I saw your post and I think you’re right to ask that question. Who knows though they might be working it out for a future patch? No idea.

I think it’s only temporary.
Devs said the reason on a Reddit post ===>
But basically they splitted up for a moment, and not because of some network issues.

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Another reason is to possibly not discourage new players. Imagine if a bunch of new players ran into hologram and just got mauled. They might be discouraged at trying the game then. So it might just be temporarily allowing them to get a good feel.for the game.


It’s not temporary. The ranked ladder on Xbox/winstore is linked to your Xbox gamer tag. They would have to integrate the Steam players into that list if they were going to have ranked crossplay. To do that they would need to get the Steam users to make a gamertag or convert it all to some sort of third system for identifying the player accounts. It would take more effort than they seem to be able to put in to the port.


This is actually a big reason I was hoping they’d split the ecosystem. Even playing secondaries on pad while testing the Steam version I was still just mauling out on Gold-Ranked guys; I think it’s good to limit that kind of stuff as much as possible for truly new players. It’ll happen anyway as killers move to playing on Steam, but no reason to add more sharks to the tank than necessary. Let the new players learn with new players - FG’s are a lot more fun that way.