No characters for Windows 10 ? Crossbuy not working for all?

Hello there,

I read the last two days nearly every topic about missing characters in the Win10 Version of Killer Instinct. I bought Season 1 Chars long ago on my Xbox. When the Define Edition was coming out i bought i, too, for my Xbox One. So, now I’ve tried the Windows 10 Edition and only the free rotation Chars are available. Before now the same solutions coming up, that i have already read the last days, some informations for you: Both, on the console as on the PC are logged with the same account and of course the game is online. I tried to change time and region settings bit i doesnt help either. When I’m not wrong at least i should have unlocked season 1 characters, because i have read that the definie edition is not capable of crossplaying, but later there should be a free copy for win10 users if you own it on xbox one. In the end i only want to know if there is solution for this problem or not. Then i have to wait till my free copy of the define edition for Win10 has arrived. Sry for my grammar, english ist not my motherlanguage.

Did you buy the disc versions for both?