No Cameos in KI

Season 3 is ruined by this cameo crap. Rash is too cartoony to fit in the KI universe. Arbiter is an alien, we already have an alien. As far as Arbiter’s stage it looks stupid. An alien sandcastle with Elites shooting each other, it is just stupid. I am sorry but why have a shoot out between Elites while the main fight goes on? That would be very distracting. But what is really sad is that Iron Galaxy left fans in the dark for months and finally we have a new trailer. It features Kim Wu who is now a spoiled brat with a stripper outfit. Her stage is a trashy parking lot. To top it off, an Arbiter teaser with a stupid battle between Elites and the Arbiter holding lame weapons. This is terrible, fans have been waiting for months for trailers and this is what we get?! After all of these months what do we get, a teenage ■■■■■ and a cameo. Damn you Iron Galaxy what happen to you?!

Well, Rash’s Cameos are Killing him, and Arbiter is from another planet like Glacius, and Kim is more realistic as a Brash, Asskicking Kung Fu warrior so yeah…

cough Cameos are cool cough


This Guy… :joy::joy::joy:

I Guess Everyone Has Their Own Opinion.

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Well, I guess your other rant thread being closed didn’t give you the hint.

Take a 3 day break and come back with a more rational head, OK?