No achiements for raam! annoying

so i beat someone online, no ranked win achivo, just beat some guy and did it with a supreme victory, but he quits just before the match stats pop up so i didnt get that one either, so bloody annoyed right now, can we get some sort of other player quit detection to at least reward players with what they actually deserve, like if you won, tally it up before the match actually ends during and ultra combo or something?

You sure you didn’t get it and it didn’t just give you the notifications? I’ve gotten achievements off rage quits before.

nope just got a supreme victory and it just popped so no stats what so ever are tallied for people qutting it seems

Notice i have just got the supreme achievement but not the ranked one, and it doesn’t say “unlocking” either on my achievements.

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Same issue supreme victory no ranked achievement

This happened to me with the win online achievement. 2 days later the achievement randomly popped. Happened with ARIA too way back. It’ll randomly unlock at some point, don’t worry. Sometimes Xbox Live just screws up and doesn’t read that you’ve met the criteria right away.

The game has always had inconsistent achievement unlocking, but it’s especially bad on PC. I’m missing most of the S3 achievements yet did most of them. If I play on XB1 they unlock at a more consistent rate. It’s pretty annoying.