No 3rd party controller support?

I upgraded from windows 7 pro to windows 10 pro for this game, but so far am a bit bummed out that I have to play with the keyboard as my favorite and ONLY controller (Nyko Air Flo PC) is not being recognized by the game (it is being recognized by Windows 10 and my other fighting games, just not killer instinct).

If there is something I’m doing wrong please forgive me. If not, I’d like to officially complain if my only option is to go out and buy an xbox 360 or xbox 1 controller!

Please add 3rd party controller support! People shouldn’t have to go buy a console accessory to play this on PC!

Thanks for your time.

There are some programs that can help you. There are some discussions here related to this

You don’t have to buy anything. Rhett are free programs that will let you use this controller.

This worked like a charm for me with a generic controller. Instead of emulate keyboard keys like joy2keys and others, this one emulates an xbox360 controller.