Nintendo Guest Trade

I don’t know how many people here are active in the Smash community, but one of the thing we always talk about over there, is how Phil Spencer says he would love for Banjo and Kazooie to be in that game. So in this hypothetical situation, where Microsoft and Nintendo come to some sort of arrangement for this to happen, what if Microsoft, in return, Killer Instinct got a guest from a Nintendo franchise.

If this were to happen, I would have to pick either Donkey Kong, because of the rare connection. Or Ganondorf, because he would just be awesome in KI according to me.

What do you guys think.


I’ve always dreamed of a trademark safe DK parody for this game. A raging, bastardization of the character with a jazzy theme. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Nintendo character that fits best would be a full suit Samus Aran. I suppose a game that holds Rash could handle donkey kong as well.


There are only 2 Nintendo franchises that I feel would possibly fit KI’s tone, and that would be Metroid and Zelda ,and I say Zelda only because I feel Ganon would be a good fit. Metroid…Likely Samus though I think a smaller sized Ridley or even Mother Brain (small meaning Raam-sized at most) may work, but probably Samus.

Other than that I don’t really see any Nintendo franchises fitting the tone of KI. I mean they used to have some stuff, but we’re playing it already. :wink:


Can you imagine the salt that would bring from Smash fans if Ridley was a guest in another fighting game?! (especially with the whole size debate)

It would never happen, but I think Ganondorf is a good pick. He’s literally a combination of a bunch of different tropes. If they go with his Twilight Princess design, he would be dressed like a knight. He’s also a warlock, wizard, and demon, so they could mix some lightning, darkness, and give him Ganon’s signature trident instead of Ganondorf’s sword just so we don’t get another swordsman.

Even though he/she doesn’t have much name recognition, I think Corrin would be fantastic in KI.

However I think a char that would help the game to sell would be one of the Pokemon characters like Lucario or Mewtwo.

Part of me doubts Nint will do anything regarding Rareware. They don’t exactly have the best history.

If I had to choose a Nintendo character getting into KI, it’d be between Link and Samus (Varia Suit)

I’m would only want Ganon if they did the pre “dorf” version from the original where he looks like a giant floppy eared pig-dog.

Considering who owns the rights to what now, my vote is for a Sonic the Hedgehog-type character. As annoying as it would be, there would be a certain joy to see a spin-dashing animal bouncing all over the screen. Instinct: obviously Super Sonic.

My inner 13 year-old is screaming with delight at the thought.

Villager Or Mr.Game&Watch

If any guest character would come, it would have to be realistic and fit in the KI world. Then again, we have Rash. I’m thinking Ganon, Bayonetta, Samus, or some Rare character would fit in the KI universe. Gameplay wise, Peach with her float would be interesting to say the least.

Samus Aran (with armor)

Captain Falcon

If it EVER HAPPENS. NO FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS. They’ve over populated a good chunk of the roster and half of them don’t even have the differences to make up for it.

But seriously IDK about that.

Captain falcon

Fox, like a rocket raccoon

Samus aran, suit is instinct… Or something.

Honestly though, would love seeing Yoshi v riptor lol

Only if he’s a big pig. lol

If Nintendo/Smash characters could be in KI as guest, these would be my selections:

Donkey Kong w/ Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong as some kind of assists
Samus Aran
Megaman X
Captain Falcon
Star Fox

Ganon would be so sick for KI xD He could have the scar he had in twilight or have it be as one of his classic costume with the sword he had at the time. His accessories could be armor relating to his inner beast and man…now I want Ganon in KI ; ~ ;

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Megaman is a guest character from Capcom, like Ryu.

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