Nil $ERROR at the KI store

Hello good KI Community, I was thinking of Upgrading my KI experience by buying the Full Supreme Edition (PC Player) but I get the nil $ERROR on the store.

Any tips on how to fix this?


get the Definitive Edition, it’s the better deal. the ingame store doesn’t work for now. according to the windows store the DE should be available at the 6th of december. but you can already buy it in the Xbox store section of the Xbox app.

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Thanks Man,

I just realized I can buy the Definitive Edition on the Windows Store, it’s a little more expensive for the PC than the console but is still a pretty good deal.

I think I’ll just buy it from there and have a blast with all the crazy characters.

Best Regards

yeah it’s already there. gonna buy it too. well maybe we see each other online. let’s fight on!