Nigerian KI War General is at EVO 2019 come holla if u see a real one

Am basically at EVO for the first time. And am having a hella fun in vegas. Am gonna be wearing 2 shirts with the Inscription NIGERIAN FGC and Nigerian fighting game community . Come say hi to a real one…as we celebrate the greatness of fighting games worldwide

Will be competing in MK11 SF5 Samurai showdown and Tekken7 …really really wish my Favourite game KI was here on the main stage
KI 2020 No more exclusivity please
KI wins Supremeeee victory !

I have seen Ns bass sleep DJT infinitii kombat and all the real ones…will prolly post some picx for yall later

Have fun yall…



I hope my fav game Killer instinct is at EVO 2020. Am gonna bring the whole Nigerian FGC team to come compete at EVO. Shout out to all my friends for making my 1st trip a blast . Bass Sleep Nicky Daigo Tokido Rewind Forever king Smg Princess Punk Idom Kombat Infinitii FGC. And to everyone here in ultra combo forum that recognised me at EVO as well as the developers Keits Ishmael James Goddard max Rotendo Mr wiz and to phil Spencer who was in Nigeria this year and all the team at Microsoft etc. You guys are all a big inspiration to gamers worldwide and especially to gamers in my home country Nigeria. We totally love wat u guys have done for Esports/ game development and most importantly the FGC in general and we totally do not want u to stop . Thanks for the love u have for fighting games guys. I competed in 4 games Mk11 SF5 Tekken 7 Samurai showdown and won games in all the games i played in pools… but to be honest I really really wished my favourite game and the best Fighting game in the whole world Killer instinct was at EVO And before I forget. Killer instinct must be on all consoles known to man in 2020. No more exclusivity for KI please. Good job guys. Lets Go bananas in 2020 for the next generation of KI . Killer instinct wins. Supreme victory!


Great pictures! I hope you had or having a good time!!


Awesome pics man. Really nice :smile::smile::smile:. Would have been nice to see you compete at the KI tournament

Maybe on the next gen console :smile: