Nier Automata vs FFXV

Which is better. Never ever played a Final Fantasy game, just finished Nier and was wondering which is better. I loved Nier and was wondering if I was missing out

I haven’t played Nier, but I thoroughly enjoyed FFXV. It lacks in the story department compared to other past games in the series, but it’s not bad at all. Just kinda basic. The gameplay is awesome though and the world is amazing. Not to mention the game is just beautiful.

Every time I try to watch a stream, foos, are just running. Is it action packed? I don’t expect it to be platinum status, but I know square Enix helped with FFXV as well. Are there like parries and stuff?

It’s a really, really different type of game. It’s a JRPG at heart that has had some action elements put into its fight sequences. The battles are fun but the way you play is to more or less hold down a button which tells your character what to do. You can do some
Fun and sophisticated things in the combat system, but if you think you are getting an action game I think you will be disappointed with FF XV.

The gameplay is okay once it opens up, but I’ll say the development hell of the game shows. The plot feels shallow and rushed (where wasn’t displaced into a movie or other peripheral media), several characters show up and are then quickly thrown aside to never appear on-screen again, and a lot of the scenes the game was advertised with aren’t actually in the game.

so I can’t freely start slicing foos. I have to do some RPG multiple choice? I hate that.

… Uhm… Square Enix didn’t help with FFXV. They made FFXV. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Meant to say helped with Nier

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More or less, yes, although it’s a far cry from the original game or most of the series. You don’t select a moveamd then wait your turn, but it’s not Devil May Cry/Ninja Garden/Bayonetta. There’s a demo which will give you some insight into the battle system. I would highly recommend that you try that before buying the game.

I heard there are two demos. I played one where you play as a child. Its there another one?

The child one is the only one on Xbox. I think there is a second one on PS4, but I’m not sure.

the new Neir Automato Demo is really fun. I beat it the other day and we loved it!

Square helped with Nier too?