NFL Street and other street styled sports games

Back then, street styled sports game were on the rise! NFL Street, NBA Street, FIFA Street, etc,. Those kind of games rocked!! Now NFL Street (the first one and not the last two games after) was really good in its prime and just like some games (Killer Instinct for example) it had a dynamic soundtrack that got me turning the volume up loud! The gameplay was solid too, from unlocking NFL Legends to making stylish as all heck plays on the fly just in case something goes wrong.

Who else though those games were fun back in the day?

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Interestingly enough, i particularly enjoyed the NFL Blitz franchise and NBA Jam as well. EA seems to have a monopoly on sports simulation games and they seem so protective of the brand that the wackiness of Jam and the ultraviolence of Blitz will probably never be emulated ever again by them. I personally want a new Arcade like-style of sports sim that doesn’t make sense and is just goofy fun to play, even without the NFL/FIFA/NBA brand(I actually thought Blood Bowl was doing this at one point, till I found out it was a turn-based strategy rpg).

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Played a little bit of Jam way back. American sports games aren’t really prevalent here so FIFA Street is my only other experience. It was fun for sure, and flashy. Not sure why I dropped it, lack of online games or the content getting repetitive over time. Good change of pace from FIFA’s main line of games though. I wouldn’t mind an NBA Street game, it just has to have a fair amount of crazy in it, kind of like Jam.

I played the original FIFA Street way back in the day. Any sequels I ignored :wink: