NFL and KI...kinda funny

49ers should have signed Tusk imho. Another Deflategate looming in the NFL? I know someone or something that is going to deflate football with his …hands?


Kilgore as center? Sure.
Let Mira be the quarterback, good luck trying to catch her.
Let Eagle be the running back since he’s an ankle breaker.
Let Orchid be the fullback since she’s a blockade runner.
Put Cinder and Rash as wide receivers. Rash has built in cleats and Cinder? Just burn out their legs.
Let Kim be the kicker, there’d be balls flying past the SpaceX Starman.
ARIA can be the referee, I’m sure she’d be impartial. And you get 3 for 1.

Sadira can run the halftime show.
Riptor can be the cheerleader, she’s already got an outfit.

Raam, Aganos, Glacius, Eyedol and Wulf are my stars on defense. Kan-ra gets special honors for most likely to intercept anything in the air. Hisako comes in for the trick plays.

TJ is the coach.


If he’s still on PEDs? Then he should start…lol