Next K.I Game

Disagree. MKX has many fun and interesting mechanics in it. The run feature allows for very agressive and creative combos. Run cancels are so much fun to use. Being able to combo off something that maybe pushes the opponent a little too far is satisfying and makes the reward feel worth it. Juggling is already fun enough on its own. Interactables add a new chess piece to the game. Being able to give characters that struggle against zoners a fighting chance and giving zoners a risk/reward tool is great. I respectfully disagree with your opinion and hope that you can see my perspective and reasoning.

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couldnt even get through this mkx “pros” post without falling asleep =/ Guess i disagree too.

Aria was always AI… but the rest I agree

great Idea… you do know though that could also be a theme for a season…

Season 1 Reboot of Originals
Season 2 Ultratech TakeOver
Season 3 Shadow Lords (Gargos arrival & Eyedols return)
Season 4 Prequel

I get more excited the more I think of it… The Boss could be the professor in a Mecha Suit… this would coincide with him being defeated and turning to AI cyborgs instead


I don’t get why so many people are talking about Mortal Kombat this topic literally has nothing to do with that game

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What do you think of this roster based on your idea?

This is true.
Still like the GFX though.

Well, if you won’t consider my opinion, yours isn’t worth looking at seriously.