Next K.I Game

For me I rather a Season 4 First I want at least one season with all new character’s first but after that, a new game would be okay but I was thinking instead of a Sequel what about a prequel what if we explore the Tournament where Eagle was Taken away that gives us Young Eagle as a Character Maybe Kilgore as a returning character because Regula Fulgore isn’t around yet so his Prototype would be his stand in then character’s like Jago’s Master, Kim-wu Grand Father Ben Ferris before he was Cinda, Saber Man before he was Saberwulf maybe even Orchids father and a heap of other new character’s that was around during that time I think it would be an interesting era to explore.


No more slow fighters and slow ultras, they need a new graphics engine,mortal komabat x lookks so good and mnakes ki look like16 bit super nintendo

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not sure what that has to do with exploring the era of a prequel but okay

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I honestly wish MKX had cpu vs cpu like this game; both games have good AI and I would love to see which AI is the best in that one. :smiley:

I mean you guy’s aren’t really talking about the topic I wrote but okay

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I am completely opposed to the idea of human Aria, human Cinder, or human sabrewulf. I wouldn’t want the roster to be filled up with family members either lots of bros, sisters, parents, etc.


Okay okay I get you so say all new character’s then but it’s still that era based around the K.I Tournament before the current game how do you feel about that?

Well, I decided to read and reply, sorry to disappoint you? :confused:

MKX’s AI is like, better than people.


Yeah, I heard a lot of people say that and apparently good with combos; I tend to like watching cpu vs cpu, to see how far AI has come from older games and seeing improvements; I know there’s a cheat engine mod for cpu vs cpu on Street Fighter 5, but I wonder if they have it for Mortal Kombat X. If they do, I’ll buy it instantly lol; would be entertaining, since the game looks impressive.

My favourite mode on Killer Instinct is definitely shadow labs, since I like to fight my own shadow to see my own flaws and fight someone my own level, compared to people online, who know all the combos and stuff lol.

i really like your idea. a KI prequel would be awesome!
I’m all for it. :slight_smile:

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but fastest MKX char feels slower than Aganos.

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It was good even in MK9. Rain was one of the most annoying characters because he could actually do intricate combo strings.

They could do character that was in the tournament with eagle

Yeah? I might look up some gameplay of that AI then; Mortal Kombat definitely deserves a cpu vs cpu with such good AI really.

That’s the only video I could find of his AI.

Vman hates Rain in MK9. He played another arcade ladder with another character and Rain was doing combos that actual people do. It was crazy.

Seems there is this one.

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mkx is so stiff and forced. Its like the gameplay was the last thing they thought about.

Boon: just make it look cool. Cool looking=fun.

if you want a game you wanna show off to your friends for 10 mins, mkx is the way to go. If you want a good fighting game, ki takes that cake by heaps.

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This is a pretty good idea. This is a good cast (I added a few):

Prototype Fulgore (Because KI is not KI without fulgore)
Jago’s master
Kim wu’s grand father
Ben Ferris (Mercenary)
Konrad Von Sabrewulf (human mad scientist)
Orchid’s and Jago’s father
Younger Jago (still learning about the tiger spirit)
Younger TJ (with the implants and a rifle)
Prototype Riptor unit
Hisako (adding her only because of her popularity)
Mira (before she became a vampire)

Who else could join?