Next guest character is your own avatar!

this should be it!
Your own avatar as a guest character!
they make some moves for all the characters but the customizations are endless!
now that would be awesome! :wink:

I never thought about that. Now the question is how do you make it fit KI’s art style and tone.

You mean… like the goofy Xbox avatars? Please god, no.
I absolutely hate Nintendo games that insist on using those Mii things.


What if they change it a bit. Change the artstyle to a better art style that fits KI. ■■■■■ that. KI can have its own character creator. That could work too.

lol Just look at my Avatar and tell me again if this is a good idea. Splosion man would be a cool character in KI but will never happen.

This idea is funny and weird; I like it! :smiley:

As long as I get to go into battle with my Batman costume and pet Tauntaun.

I have my Stormtrooper/Jedi/Rebel Pilot/C3PO/Boba Fett/Imperial Officer/Han Solo/Zuckus outfit(s) and lightsaber - I’m good to go! :wink:

Hmmm, we are WIIntendo now!

For a second, I meant your avatar on HERE, and I was imagining a universe where Garnet was in Killer Instinct…

But I dunno if just shoving your XBL avatar into KI would work. You’d have to resize them, and even then they’d kinda stick out like a sore thumb (as cool as that would be)

Maybe if it was avatar vs avatar. THAT would be cool! And if each avatar prop was its own weapon with its own moveset…just food for thought.

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