Next character shadow orchid?

I can’t remember…But there was a post awhile back…and a guy pretty much predicted everything that’s happened so far…I believe he said it was leaked or something…I’m a bit upset about the whole shadow orchid…I’m just assuming it’s fact…I hope they do some definite changing of orchids moves and how she looks…honestly I’m hoping that its not true…we’ve had 3 guests and the rest of the roster back…I’m hopin"g for a brand new character

Nah, that “leak” was false.

I hope so…I’m rooting for a non shadow character…maybe not eyedol but a brand new.fresh character

Well, my prediction is another guest character…whomever it may be.

If it is another guest at least let it be Joanna Dark. I don’t care about her but I know a ton of people want her.

Who knows at this point.

Isn’t that basically Shadow Orchid?

Although I understand the Joanna Dark idea, we do have the problem that as far as tropes go the secret agent role has already been filled. It’d similar to throwing in Ryu Hyabusa from Ninja Gaiden…the ninja trope has already been covered.

Personally I don’t mind guest characters…I feel like all of the ones we have are great additions to KI, even Rash (shut up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). But I feel Joanna would struggle to define herself as anything but Orchid no.2.

No Shadow Orchid! No more shadow versions or clone characters in KI!


Hoping for an entirely new character. But I’d rather have shadow orchid/Joanna dark over Eyedol personally.

I’d be happy with whoever we get to be honest. The game is a ton of fun and every character fits. Guests or new.

Are we talking about number 8? I doubt Shadow Orchid is going to be a main roster character if she happens. I think the Shorchid rumours/hints were about a potential bonus character, a la Shago or Omen, for which – as has been pointed out elsewhere in the forums – the decision is (or likely was) either

  • Shorchid, or
  • No bonus character at all.

The very fact that the community came out so strongly in opposition to the former for a community fund, regardless of whether they had other options in mind aside from the latter, is probably why Microsoft (seem to’ve) went for the latter and just put money directly into the ultra tour instead, bypassing the community wishlist entirely.

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I would be REALLY surprised if Shadow Orchid was character 8. There’s no real reason to do that and as a surprise final character reveal there just isn’t a lot of “oomph” there.

My personal feeling is that Eyedol is the most likely. I’m not saying it will be him, but it makes the most sense to me. The other possibility that I would have dismissed as absurd even a few weeks ago is Scorpion from MK as a guest. The announcement may well come at Evo and there has been this weird love fest going on with Ed Boon and Phil Spenver over a MK vs KI. Could be nothing but there has been a persistent rumor that there were at least discussions of binging Scorpion to the game. Lots of people on here would HATE it, but it is definitely a guest character that would generate real buzz.

Joanna Dark seems really unlikely to me. If there was a new PD game in the works and they wanted a crossover it seems like E3 would be a better time for that announcement.

If Scorpion were brought in…all I can say is his teleport punch would need to be highly negative on block, otherwise there would probably be more complaining about it than anything Shago has.

Actually, just looking at the posts in the “Am I the only one who thought Fulgore was Eagle” thread and I have to say Eagle is my number 2 pick at this point. Maybe he’s even edging out Eyedol. I have a hard time figuring out why they would hold this secret until now - because no matter how awesome Eagle is, I don’t think it is going to have an earth shattering impact. But there are quite a few breadcrumbs heading in his direction.

How could eddabawsh predict shadow orchid when practically 3/10 of that video were false? An archer? A snake woman?
He was as much surprised for Arbiter as anyone now, and he looks crazy

I highly doubt Shadow Orchid will be incuded in a Season m. Most likely a bonus character, i mean cmon now

They already said Shadow Orchid, Shadow Maya, and Shadow Kim Wu would be up for the community fund if it happened. That basically confirms none of those are part of the season.

Yeah but with MS now ponying up the money, will there even be a community fund? I mean, I personally think it’d be nice to have fans put even more cash in to what MS is doing and making the payouts that much bigger, plus it’d be cool to get a bonus as a player, but will MS see any reason for it now?

As far as character 8, I’m still betting on a guest character. We’ve already got Halo and Gears covered. Fable’s more or less covered by Mira’s Jack of Blades outfit. Unless they go more obscure in MS’ library or Rare’s, my guess is that it’s Joanna Dark.

I’m also guessing that she looks and plays nothing like Orchid at all, so people likely won’t even notice that she steps on Orchid’s spy trope a bit (though I’d argue that Orchid’s more of a freedom fighter as opposed to a high tech agency assassin, but some might just see those as two sides of the same coin).

If there’s a season 4, I really hope they save Eyedol and Eagle for it. If there’s not going to be a season 4, and they know that, then I’d much rather have Eyedol as character 8, Shadow Orchid as a bonus character (remember, Omen was a bonus that didn’t require a community fund, though he was announced, whereas Shorichid’s only been talked about as a possibility), and then a community fund for Eagle.

I know, that’d make for a ten character season, which has never happened, but if season 3 were to be the last season, then I think it’d be cool for them to go out with a bang and end it with a nice, even number of characters in 28.