News: Free KI Comunity Troubleshooting and tweaking app. [WIN10] Freeware Application with many uses, for KI comunity

Im working on a UN-Offical KI
support application for windows 10.

This little program will hopefully
assist in trouble shooting networking
issue’s in windows 10.

It uses windows batch files, Lua scripts,
and Indigo GUI builder.

It’s based on the online information on xbox
website. It will take the steps, and commands
from the online help, and hopefully create
a “Strategy” for going about the various

I could use some help if somebody knows
LUA\Powershell integration.

Also artwork for the backgrounds
would be helpful. 640X360 .png 50 percent opacity.
Any ideas and suggestions welcome.

So far I have a layout for the GUI, and am
working on the Flow-Chart for trouble shooting
Teredo issue’s.


Going to starts adding the windows batch files
and lua scripts soon for the actual trouble shooting.

Added 3rd party freeware apps to determine driver
versions and make it easy for the new commer
to see if they meet the minimum requirements.
also to tweak and clean the system a littler.

Credit to infil for the documentation, it was not copied
it links to the original site, to make sure its up to date.

getting there slowly but surely. :wink:

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Wow, awesome and detailed interface. If this helps just one person improve their online experience with KI, it’s worth it. You’re a hero!

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Thanks for the like.

Here is a link to a per-release
version. 1.0

Contains some useful info.
Also good freeware apps built in.
Also contains a fix for Teredo errors.

Note: The app needs elevated privilege
aka administrative access.
In other words windows will ask you
if you really want to run it. You must
answer yes for it to work, you will

only be asked once, and this is
needed for the commands to work.

This is freeware, its yours at not charge.
No addware, spyware, cookies, nothing.
Scan with antivirus all day if you want.

This is no where near complete, if you
find any errors or have suggestion’s
please do let me know.

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