News about season 3 in Killer Instinct world cup

I was thinking maybe the best time to show the new coming season 3 will be in january the 30th to 31th in the killer instinct world cup because are coming holidays and they need to deliver Shadow Jago before the end on 2015 we still dont know if will be this november or dicember so i think will be around december the release of shago … but the hype will be great if they do a panel… and relase as much information possible, on the Killer instinct world cup …i am feeling like going to pass out for more news of season 3 and shago release… so nothing else that just wait hope they can give some info around when they goind to relese more information at least saying new about season 3 coming this ? @rukizzel @TempusChaoti @TheKeits

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They’ve already teased something for the world cup, unless they have something unrelated to season 3 brewing in the pipeline then it’s a good bet that’s what it’ll be.

Man, I really need to make it to this.

How many points do you need to be qualified?