Newbie! I have KI:Definitive and a little lost about something!

I’m new to the game… Downloaded the Free version for Win10 and could only access Kim Wu… Now I have purchased the Definitive version and can only play as some other character. Do you have to unlock fighters in the game or something? What about skins? I thought all this was part of the Definitive version of the game?

Help! Thanks!

You should have all characters with retro costumes, premium accessories. Every other accessory, colors 3-9 must be unlocked through leveling up that specific character or through KI gold (in game currency).
If they aren’t there try looking at your available downloads in your games and apps under KI, if that does not work then you may need to contact Microsoft. Hope this helps.

Kim wu is all you need !
Level her up quickly!

Hope you get it working.

LOL! Thanks for your replies. I couldn’t get it to work with the new content on either the Xbox or the PC. I’m not sure why and all Microsoft Answer Techs could do was tell me to Refund the Purchase and try Purchasing it again! Not much help… I really liked the game. I have Mortal Kombat XL for the Xbox so maybe I’ll just stick with it for now and if I feel like giving KI : Definitive another try in the future I’ll purchase the Definitive Edition again. One thing which was strange was when it was supposed to be checking for new DLC and Updates all it did was sit there and the little spinner spun around and around. The Xbox Bluetooth controller works great with my Win10 Laptop though.

Oh well… Win some you lose some!
Thanks again!