New Yu-Gi-Oh movie 2016

Okay, I’ll admit, I was so unaware of this, being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan during my middle/high school days (and I did watch its first two movies). So I was roaming around the Internet as always when someone told me of a new Yu-Gi-Oh movie. At first, I thought they were pulling some chains, but after doing some searching, I was floored. Even though it’s coming out in Japan 2016, I’m looking forward to this when it comes to the states.

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Aww. I wanted another crossover. Well I still have hope that Arc-V can do that. Arc-V is looking really good right now.

English dub or English sub?

Sub of course. I can’t stand the dub for YuGiOh.

I will admit, the sub is too funny, especially with Yuzu getting that paper fan ready and slapping some sense out of anyone LOL

It get’s dark though. Trust me if you haven’t gone that far. Spoiler alert: no spoilers here`

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