New Xbox One called Xbox Ultra?

That was what I heard one youtuber refer to the 2nd Edition Xbox One upgrade. Just wanted to say that here is all.



Xbox Ultra would be nice. Should ship with KI as a marketing bid to keep the playerbase up
I’d also heard the name Xbox Infinity thrown around before the Xbone got released.
Granted, I dunno if I’ll want to be buying new consoles so frequently. Might try to get myself a big gaming rig before too much longer.

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So ultratech is rising. Starting off with consoles. Next stop…mega corporation. After that…EVOLUTION!!!


Available in your home in 2017 only on Xbox Ultra 64?
Speaking of which, does Konami still own the name Ultra? I mean I know that’s why the Ultra 64 became the N64.


it’s actually code named xbox scorpio, I highly doubt they would use ultra in a console name, this isn’t the 90s, if anything it would be something like the xbox one platinum, or titanium or something resemeling being strong or high, like the xbox one elite.

I like the xbox ultra or ultra xbox. Let playstation deal with the numbers thing. It works…although they went with something called neo for whatever reason.


I just saw that on twitter…
Scorpio, as in the xbox 1 “S” model…
Can’t say it’d be original.

it’s just a code name, like durango, or orbis, morphius, xenon etc.

maybe ''S" stands for SLIM.