New weekly tournament series coming January 2017! Kross Up - $4,000 prize pool!


Sounds awesome, and I agree with Nicky - this exposure is something KI needs, and the monetary awards and points sound great! That said, it’s too bad said exposure won’t be outside the US and Canada (sorry @MaruMDQ and others).

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No need to be so cruel

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Sounds interesting. Timing probably won’t work for me, but more KI tournaments is always better. :slight_smile:


Update -

I registered for week 1 to test out the waters…

Mortal kombat has kombat cup which is still going on now that’s ran by stream me and it is really well done and organized. I’m definitely going to be signing up for kross up as well

This sounds great. Do we know what the skill level is going to be like? Are these all killer, gold’s, silver’s?

Tournament level.

OK thanks for the info