New video?

They are in the process of uploading Mira’s trailer on youtube!

Only thing I suspect is a Gargos teaser. We kinda already saw Mira and everything we needed to see so a trailer of her wouldn’t be as hype now.

No, they already uploaded it. All they have to do is press the publish button :persevere:


[insert Shia Lebouf “just do it” meme here]


I really hope they release Mira’s trailer for TODAY because I want to see Gargos’s teaser… Right?

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“All they have to do is…”

Which really is “all Rukari has to do is.”

Which really then falls in to a long list of things given that I’m at PAX.


It better be today!

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Everyone aboard the hype train!

If today, plz release this before GoT S6 premiere, ok? :sweat_smile:

What time does that start?

lol stop teasing us

9 p.m., eastern time. :wink:

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has the publish button, accidentally or intentionally, been pressed yet?

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@rukizzel Will there be anything special at the end of what we’re getting today??

Apparently not.