New Video By Matt McMuscles About "Rise of the Robots"

I actually read the novel. It wasn’t bad, but man did it feel rushed towards the end. A lot of emphasis was made to its world-building. Pretty much standard cyberpunk dystopia at best, but still pretty cool. It only looks and feels like the game much, MUCH later on. To give you guys context, a lot of the game’s advertising campaign indicated that it would be a truly 3D game and that the FMVs were representative of stuff in the game itself. From that perspective, one would have thought this to be third-person fixed camera like the “Resident Evil” games of old.

I watched that video. Sad that it showed such potentiol and failed. It was an amazing concept too.

Indeed. I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of this with the same art style, albeit with an actual combat system and much MUCH better gameplay. From a story perspective, it sounded like it could have been a dark and fun sci fi take on “Die Hard”. From that point of view, maybe it would have been better as a Metroidvania or something where you get the ability to control these different robot characters at different points in different levels. I think some real fun could be had with the robot concept, especially in terms of potential weaponry, special moves, minigames, etc. Or, alternatively, if a future dev decides to remake this and keep it as a fighter, maybe have special moves reflective of their being robots (ie buzz saws, explosives, etc).