New User Interface Suggestions

Figured I’d create this thread and see if anyone else is on the same page as

Post some of your ideas for a new U.I. I would love to have the blood red/flame colours back with a gold K.I. logo and more rugged font, to be honest I never really like the purple/green scheme mixed with the clean cut font we have going on now. I am a fan of the functionality of the menu just not the design/colours.

I understand there is a lot of work that goes into this, and probably isn’t worth the teams effort in the long haul, However if Iron Galaxy were to do another poll, I would like to request they add a question about what players think about the user interface, or what changes they would like to see,
If there are a landslide of votes towards a change maybe, just maybe they will consider it.

My personal request is that if when we do get final build of this game please do so with a killer badass feel to it.



Are you talking about the battle UI or the menu UI?

At any rate, I will say this:

I do miss ONE thing from the menu UI from season one that they changed when they rolled out the new season 2 UI.

Back in season 1, when you selected an option on the menus, the sound effects had some bass behind it, and some wicked sci fi sound effects.

In the opening portions of this video, you can hear those sound effects in the first few seconds. I miss those notes with the laser beam bass effect.

Yeah, the sound effects now are okay, but the metallic sound effects are kinda off for me. I invested a LOT of time in season 1, it’s practically the game I bought my Xbox One to play. It’s one of those vintage things I miss of that season, even two years later. If I ever get those laser sounds back, that would be cool for me.

Edit: Looking at this video too, man would it be nice to have just a standard ladder mode like in the arcade. Just eight opponents with a boss at the end, maybe an ending screen or some jazz, nothing big. You want flash, go to shadow lords. You want something simplistic, you play a ladder, and you get a simple end story screen or something, nothing big. The biggest reason I’m suggesting this though, is that while a ladder mode SORT of exists for season 1 and 2 characters, none of the extra or season 3 characters can play in the current ladder mode.

Also, the other day, I had an idea for a shadow lords mini game. What if there was like a Street Fighter 2 type bonus stage where just like beating up the car or breaking barrels, what if you could try and beat up as many Gargos minions or something hilarious like that as a mission, or as a post mission bonus instead of a skeleton chest?

Tagging the @developers to quickly make some suggestions.

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Talking about the Menu UI or in general seeing purple all over the place (slight exaggeration). But just looking at your video I miss the color of the old shadow moves.

They should just have multiple ui themes to choose from hell we got 3 already (assuming they didn’t delete the assets)
@TempusChaoti do they still exist somewhere?


I’d love the menus to have an overhaul, it’s my one big gripe with the game personally. I really hope before it’s all said and done with KI they reinvigorate the menus. There’s so many screens. The video that plays in the background looks to be of a low resolution and constantly lags and freezes when going between screens.

I am also very fond of the flames we had from season one.
I think instead of the background video that plays I’d rather have some clean, crisp scrolling concept art instead. Similar to what was in SFIV.

This! I’ve been hoping for a legacy menu option. Even if it was just switching the colour palette. It would be a nice touch for those of us who have been here since the beginning.

I’m very fond of what we had overall in season 1 menu wise. The flames were great and the main menu was so clean, fast and simple. I Miss it.

Periodic change is good to keep the game looking fresh and I don’t have any problems with any of the UI schemes for KI. But if you were to ask me I would go with the flames from season 1.

I think there were some conversations around the S1-2 transition about the possibility of a selectable aesthetic for the UI and it was more ore less not possible. But maybe it’s something they could add.

If they do a season 4, I’d love it if they were able to take the time and change the menus once more.

I LOVE the KI logo screen at the beginning, so it’d be great if they kept that and maybe changed the color scheme to match whatever they do with the rest of the game.

For the checking content screen, I still think it’d be really nice if they could put something on that screen like hero art or something so I’m not just looking at the words “Syncing to Ultratech Servers” or whatever. I think it’s cute that they did the “Ultratech” thing there, but maybe they put that in the bottom corner of the screen?

As for the main menu, I think the structure of it is great in terms of one menu flowing in to another, and I also love the top area being reserved for intros and video segments. It provides a really cool tease for the game.

What I’d like to see them do however is maybe change the art style (fonts, selection icons, etc) of the menus so that they’re a little more in line with the darker aspects of this series and not so much in the vein of the Ultratech “computer-ish” look and feel, if that makes any sense.

It’d be nice if, for the larger letters, they could use the awesome / supreme victory font, maybe put a random, intermittent, sheen animation on it. Maybe have it glow brightly when highlighted and disintegrate with a thunder crack noise effect when it’s selected.

For the smaller fonts, maybe just take that same font and pare it down to make it as slender as possible, yet still have a small amount of texture to it, with the same sheen effect.

Honestly, I’d love it if the fonts in this game could be consistent throughout, even if they have to be paper thin in some areas, like the character move lists. The shape of the letters, the look, the texture… There should be an artistic consistency that combines to give the whole game an aesthetic that I feel is somewhat lacking in certain areas of the game, such as the character names on the select screen versus the title screen versus the victory screen etc.

As for the colors, I’d say keep the silver look for the KI logo, though perhaps adding a rust to it might look cool. It’d also be nice if they could find ways to work in some combination of blood red, gold, lightning, rust, blue neon, sunset, dark, rolling clouds… Obviously not ALL of this stuff, by any means. But some magic combination that could create a cool vision that could be used throughout to really communicate that sort of Blade Runner-esque, dystopian futuristic look that I think they were trying to go for in the first game.

I’m not saying “make it like the old game.” To be clear. I know that’s what it sounds like, but I’m saying use modern graphics, visual effects, etc along with parts of the palette I suggested above to create something in the vein of the original, dark inspiration. I think that’d be pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

For the select screen, I’d like it if they went to more vertical rectangles instead of the hexagons. In fact, do away with the hexagons / triangle motif entirely as that feels like it’s tied to the Ultratech theme. I’d say use the color palette, some sort of element like rolling clouds with lightning etc, behind silver frames of the characters that step up in to the frame with their walk up animation. Maybe lightning strikes the frames or the character thumbnails and sparks fall off of them?

Either way, I’d like to see them go with something, again, darker. Not just color-wise, as the current screen already has a lot of black. But darker in the sense of the style. Cloudy, rainy, neon soaked night, etc. That Blade Runner aesthetic is a known, dark motif that I’d like to see them sort of re-implement on the select screen as much as possible.

Lastly, and I’ve said this before, but for the pre-match “fight on” screen… I’d like to see them redo this entirely. Once the stage is selected, it’d be nice if they could create two large windows on each side with a sort of dark animation sequence depicting the characters looking badass, like Sabrewulf on top of his mansion, howling at the moon on a cloudy night or Maya standing in front of her temple, crossing Temperance and Vengeance in front of her, etc. You get the idea. Slow. Stylized. With as much graphical polish as humanly possible.


I personally feel they should make the versus screen and character selection screen more cool. I think the green, purple and blue colour scheme is fine. But why can’t I see the character when I switch through them? That’s one thing I like about mortal kombat, it has a very cool character selection screen. But I still can’t stomach that game at all lol

The VS screen in the original KI is pretty cool. I don’t like how the VS screen freezes all the sudden in the new one. There should be more movement to it, to get you excited for the battle!

One thing I will praise them for is that the music for this game is perfect. And the fact that it does a melody after a match when you’re moving through options? Soooo awesome!!! The opening song for this game is actually the only reason I agreed to play this game with my bf because I don’t like fighting games usually. But wow does the music really get me into this whole thing, it’s great! I do think that the versus theme song from the original one is my favourite, it’s so bad ass. Would be cool to bring that version back : )

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Short answer: load times
Long answer: the game loads up the full character model on the VS screen, and it takes time…on the XB1 anyway (a good PC gives virtually no load time:wink:). In previous seasons every time you moved the cursor it would load up a new character model, and it made the select screen very slow, so for season 3 they jist changed it to where the models don’t load until you select a character…it’s not perfect, but it is better.


Awww okay, thanks for the explanation. That makes sense but it’s kind of funny how an old arcade game could do it but the new one can’t on the console. I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, but the original definitely has a smoother experience because of it (I have both the old arcade versions with the KI copy I have). I don’t have a PC for gaming, I just have my xbox one s. But mortal kombat seems to be able to do it on the console so maybe KI would be able to as well at some point, maybe there’s some programming trick there. I don’t know, I don’t know that stuff lol I just know that when things freeze or stop, it definitely doesn’t get you in the mood as much as something that’s moving with cool sounds. So that would definitely be one of my suggestions. I suppose the scorpio will be able to do it but I want to enjoy KI on my xbox one s still ! lol

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This is the price of better graphics. The old KI (and other fighting games) are loading like 32k sprites and a background at 420p resolution. The new game has to push out detailed 3D character models and textures. The best way to solve this problem is to dedicate enough RAM to the game that you can load all of the characters and leave them there. The console doesn’t have enough memory to do this but I suspect most gaming PCs do and that’s what they are doing rather than just having faster memory transfer. I could be wrong.


It’s worth noting that the issue might be down to the game engine that Killer instinct uses for the delay on the character select screen and especially the lag we still get in the character customisation screen. Rather than the power of the console.

There are many games on the Xbox that load character models instantly. The character select screen for Gears of War 4 for example. You instantly can switch between dozens of animated characters. All with higher model textures and running at a higher resolution than KI. Injustice 2s character select screen is also a lot faster as well as being more detailed at the same time.

For Honor is another example. Instantly switching between very detailed character models that are animated and that you can rotate on the character select screen.

The hex engine is a very dated and defunct engine that KIs Devs have managed to squeeze every last drop out of. Honestly they’ve done a stellar job as KI at times is still the best looking fighter imo. But that quality isnt equal across the board.

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As a mostly PC player I can tell you though that a decently powerful PC overcomes any issues the game engine might have.

Now within the XB1’s ecosystem, yeah, perhaps the Hex engine being dated may have something to do with the models not loading very quickly, but it definitely is worth showing that on more powerful hardware (i7 processor, GTX 970 graphics card, 16GB RAM, for reference) load times are virtually non-existent.

*side note: my other computer has an i7, GTX 960, and 8GB RAM, and it also loads instantly. Just wanted to mention it since it isn’t as powerful as my main PC.

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I apologise I may have misplaced my original point. I was referring to how the character screen had to change for season 3 by adding in the shilouettes while navigating. I’m happy with loading speed for what we have now. Just was pointing out why it had to be changed. I’m not denying it’s superior on a powerful PC but I also believe it’s still poorly optimised on Xbox.

Just out of curiosity could you capture footage of navigating through the character select screen in the customise fighter area if you don’t mind. That would be appreciated. It’s most certainly a chore on Xbox trying to quickly move through several characters.

Sure thing:

One thing I noticed while going through them is that when each character loaded up the first time it took a longer amount of time (maybe a second?) for the models to load, but after the first time they were all loaded into the RAM, as you can tell towards the end of the video there was no more delays for them loading.

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