New/Updated vfx?

I noticed some fx that I don’t think are currently in the game. Jago’s fireballs have obviously been updated, but I noticed some smaller stuff. It looks like Glacius got some new, kind of floaty, almost snowflake like particles on some moves. It also looks like Aria has some new hologram fx around her joints and stuff. Anybody see anything else?

They changed the lighting for the entire game…Maybe its that?

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There updating the visuals for the whole game. And noticing how awesome Kim’s stage looks, Gameplay is definitely not the only thing to look to in season 3.

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Jago looked like a green plastic figurine on Kim’s stage though.

I saw the greenish light on him but saw it as the light of the stage and thought it looked really good.

I noticed the lighting enhancement right away when they started playing on Kim’s stage. Even though it was stream quality, I can tell they are gonna make the game shine a lot more. It is great to see signs of polish that is needed for this game. KI deserves the full treatment, squeezing all the power they can from Xbox One. I am thinking they had a set of graphics effects that weren’t used in the first versions of the game and now they have time to optimize some of those things. This little taste has really amped me up to play Season 3 in March.

I didn’t get to see a ton of it, but the effects on Kim’s dragons and flying kick look fantastic.

Based on Kim Wu’s trailer, I truly hope Sadiras and Kan Ras stages are not washed out like that in game. The last thing we need is to inflict this game with the first person shooter curse of desaturating environments.

They said the new lighting hadn’t been implemented on season 1 and 2 stages yet.

They said the entire game has a brand new lighting system you’ll see when it launches on the stream today.

But wolfman is right in that it might not have been changed for the nerf/buff part of the presentation.
Seeing how the kan ra and sadira levels looked in the kim wu trailer, i think its easy to assume they were already in, but on thinking about it, seemed like they mostly ‘greyed’ everything not Kim Wu, to make her stand out.

Keits straight up said that the lighting overhaul wasn’t done yet, and that Kim’s stage was the only one they had finished to show us

That was probably a flashback of what Kim Wu has been through and that’s why it looks washed out.