New updated special

Every since they updated the game with that extra finish it’s been hell. Someone can take all your health with a special a few combos and that new extra finish. I don’t know what the name of this special is but it is not the traditional shadow specials, it’s a new added special. Players usually execute this move after the regular shadow special. This new special finish literally ruined the game. Now a player can erase a full bar with that move, it’s kind of like the Revenge meter in SF4. Something to help the beginners but in sense it makes the game worse. They took a decent game and literally broke it. Spammy cheap characters and now extra specials on top of specials this doesn’t make any sense. Why are they adding unneccesary things to the game to break it. The worse is playing a Jago player, Jago damage output is already ridiculous then added this extra special, so now players do a few combos a special or 2 this extra new special finish and you are dead. I don’t get it. Why are they constantly adding unncessary things to this game.

Are you talking about the new level 4 ender effect? Because that doesn’t actually change gameplay, its just cosmetic. :\

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…Git Gud???


Extra special? What? Are you talking about that effect where the screen goes black and there’s that fog?

If so, that’s all cosmetic and has no effect on the gameplay whatsoever. If peeps are shelling out 80%+ damage easy, send that tech my way mah dood.

You’re just experiencing flashy level 4 Enders dude.

If it’s just level 4 enders that OP is complaining about, I can’t think of many more hard-earnt rewards in the game.

It’s just a cosmetic effect, it doesn’t have any effect on the combo damage, it’s still the same damage it’s always been. Technically less damage than it used to do since they nerfed ender damage from S2 to S3.

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Orchids air buster level 4ender is Godlike

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I think big damage for level 4 ender is suitable reward for giving your enemy two or three opportunities to break it.

Oh, it’s this guy. Move along, everybody. Nothing to see here.

Yeah if that’s what you call it are you sure it’s just cosmetics. Before this affect no one was doing those extra finishes. No way it’s just effect because now someone can take an entire bar from me with shadows mix with that new special. It can’t be just effects.

If it’s just flashy why it seems now like someone is taking an entire bar of health with that mix with shadow. It didn’t seem that way before. You can’t tell me that level 4 effects doesn’t take extra health. Because I never use to lose almost a full bar of health until this update came. Maybe I am crazy which could be the cause or something is gonig on here.

I am only trying to understand these updates. If you don’t like what I am posting you don’t have to read. It’s a forum I can post whatever I choose.

Except it is. All it is is the level 4 enders that people normally do after a long combo. All IG did was add a flashy background and change the camera angle a bit to show that the combo hit level 4. Level 4 enders do more damage than other levels, but that was always present.

I don’t think it’s only cosmetics it is not it takes alot more damage. It is definitely not only comestics. I can promise you this special takes alot of health mix with shadow and some combos and your dead.

I’m not totally sure- which characters are specific to your match you are speaking of? I know personally the reduced Orchids Ichi Ni San damage ender and possibly her shadow firecat damage- but maybe one of the characters you were fighting did have a damage boost. Tusk & Thunder automatically have high damage Enders on my experience.

Could you maybe post a video to show us what you mean?

You say this sort of thing, though, which is indicative of not a lack of understanding, but a lack of a DESIRE TO UNDERSTAND.

You are absolutely right, you are free to say or post whatever. But then people respond and provide you with the very answers you claim to seek, and you rudely (and rather petulantly) tell them they are wrong. I don’t believe you want any sort of help, but instead backpatting and agreement that the game is broken or stupid or whatever adjective.

I remember your “Shagos OP” tantrum and the “blocking doesn’t work” thread. All very helpful advice that you wanted absolutely zero of.

The Lv4 Ender cinematics are just that - cinematics. You can even toggle them off (I do because I don’t really like them). Once you turn them off, you’ll still lose lifebars at the same rate, presumably because there’s huge, gaping holes in your game that you don’t want to improve on, but I’m derailing a little. Sorry 'bout that.

Was it Mira that wasted you with the new cinematics? Because that’s real. She’ll scrape up that life if you let her.

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Lol no video is needed. There is no extra special of any kind. Only thing there is, is the change in look for the level 4 enders.

@flcrushkid I have a good solution for you: seeing as how you insist on not believing what the others are saying, simply go to the options and turn off lvl4 enders effect. Yeah, not only is it simply cosmetic, it can also be turned off.

Problem solved. Git gud.


Level 4 Enders display with a new cinematic camera; nothing more.

As stated, this can be turned off in the game options.

End of story, case closed.