New update crashes game

I just received a update on killer instinct and every time I’m in a match it crashes game.

I’m also experiencing some issues. I haven’t played online after this new update, but i just can’t play shadow survival anymore. This really sucks, 'cause i love this game. The main reason I bought a xbox one.

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Iron Galaxy posted on their Twitter as the problem being associated with a Microsoft issue opposed to an issue that they were able to fix themselves, hence why it has gone so long now without being fixed.

Seems like this has happened a lot more than I am accustomed to which is begin to take a toll on my faith between the relationship of developers and corporate. Gosh dang Xbox, I swear man.

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Hello Everyone. Same here. My game close when i select Shin Hisako. Same on Steam KI.

For God, Rollback de last update. my ki transformed in a Nullgame. dont workkkkkkkkkkk

We are aware of a problem with Shin Hisako crashing the game. It’s only here and only for some users.
We have found the issue and have a fix in the works.

Please provide info on steps leading to the crash (if not Shin Hisako related) and please specify the platform you are using.

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You guys might as well take a look into shadow survival. There is some bug there. Simply not loading the shadows. Before the update, it was already taking forever to do it. I play KI on xbox one s.

Shadow SUrvival and Shadow lab works for me… although I do have to hit accept/cancel 5-12 times repeatedly ebfore the next match will download from ultra tech servers. It does work though.

Before the update, i was used to that same routine, but it wasn’t supposed to work like that. It’d be nice if they fixed the whole thing.

THey are working on it. Just be patient. It is what it is for now…but its not totally broken…its just incovienient at the moment.