New ultra enders

I thought thus idea was too strong to remain just a reply, and I want you fellow fans’input and suggestions.

What if all characters gained 2 ultra Enders instead of ultimates,

Shortcuts could be similar to Maya’s KI 2 ultimate, where she summoned an elephant to crush th opponent.
They could have a portion of Orchids roof fall onto the loser. A cord shock the time death. Or show the right side of the room and they are knocked away by a BIG FREAKIN LASAKEN OMG

Alternatively, they could at least add a new ultra ender for everyone, as the LASAKEN move above could be selected pre fight like street fighter 4 instead of the firecat ultra ender. Or, we could just be able to press two light P/K inputs for our second ultra ender, as opposed to two medium P/K

What would you give for your fave characters 2nd ultra ender?

Orchid- LASAKEN blast to either side, or roof section falls on loser, or floor opens and crumbles , loser falls in hole
Sadira- a web comes from above and encases the loser (like the man on the top right squirming in the web)
Hisako- her scream blows them off the screen
Maya- Knocks them into the Grand Canyon or a bug tree branch falls on the loser
Kim- her scorching Fire Shuriken!!!

Things like this may be fun but they don’t really add anything to the game. We already have ultras to finish of the opponent when they still have some life left. So, unless they change the requirements for such enders (25% health left instead of 10% but require full instinct and full meter, for example, just some random idea) there is no real point in adding them.

I’d rather see all character get some extra (shadow)move like they did with S2. For example a shadow move that requires both bars. This would reshuffle the tierlist and make things more interesting.

Well my vision is for the alternative route as their developers are limited. These are shortcuts that should be easy to implement, that is my purpose.

An extra shadow move would make the person who designed the lettuce leaf hair’s brain explode from the complexity.