New to the community!

Hi, I’m QUIKYSILVA and I just wanted to make this topic so I could maybe get to know the KI community better and hopefully learn some new techniques from stronger players of the game. Well to start off I’ve been playing this game since its launch with the Xbox one and I absolutely loved it. I made sure to get the combo breaker pack so I could have all the characters to play with​:grin:. I only had my brother to play with unfortunately since my friends aren’t really into fighting games and don’t know the history behind KI but he was definitely someone I could practice with since he picks up game controls quick. Fast forward to a year ago when I started watching Maximillian Dood’s videos on YouTube and started falling in love with the game again but I didn’t have the confidence to get online and play so I kept playing with my brother and nagging him to practice lol. Anywho after watching KI WC over the weekend I’ve been inspired to finally join the community and hopefully become as strong as some of my favorite top players like Rico Suave, Sleep or My God​:grin::grin: . I just wanna say thank you to KI and IG for really making this game amazing and the community for reading this. Btw my main is Sabrewulf/Riptor while my brother strictly plays Glacius​:grin:


Welcome to the community dude, glad you could join us.

Welcome, man! Great to have you ya on the board here.

Welcome to the Community!

Here, we have Glacius’s cool refreshments! Spinal’s spooky slide! The riptor sanctuary zoo! You name it, we have It!

Idk… i’m bored… Glad to have you!

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Welcome and don’t be intimidated by competition, use it to learn and don’t be too bummed about losing. I recommend Infil’s guide as well. Infil’s KI Guide Click Here

Yep, Infil’s guide is the best - it opened my eyes to a whole lot of stuff. Use it!

When you’re done, take what you’ve learned and see if you can beat me. :wink:

Welcome to the forums! Feel free to add people to play with. Plenty of friendly folk around here. :smiley:

Thanks everyone! I’m gonna be looking thru that guide as if it was written just for me lol I’ll take on challengers once I’m ready>:)

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Welcome to the club friend~

Deep voice announcer: Welcome


Welcome to the family!

So, I see you read from the good book of Riptor. Her flames shall light our path unto glory and salvation.

Welcome bro =D it’s always nice to have new people round here =D

Welcome my fellow KI Aristocrat!

I just wrote my first post a week or so again, looking for some tips and introducing myself. I was pretty taken aback at the warm response I got and especially the help/direction they sent me for a beginner. There’s a lot of terminology, and so much more to every fight then I even realized…which I’m guessing is why this game retains its passionate fans and appeal. Still digesting it all but enjoying myself. Hope to see you round the circuit!



Welcome! Always looking for friendly players to go a few rounds with. Not good by any means but if you ever wanna play a few add me as a friend.

Welcome! New blood is always a good thing.:grin:

Yes, yes it is… :smiling_imp:

Nice to meet u, im new to the community too. I’ve been playing for a while but im not tournament ready by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d love to find new people to play with to learn from each other and just have a good time. My tag is: KindxBones, by all means add me.

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Welcome! Have fun here too.

Welcome and please if you need anything we are here to help! :wink: