New suggestion for announcers

Hear is one I thought up. Since all the announcers have their strengths and weaknesses how bout putting them all anouncing randomly durring fights?

  1. Jeff Steitzer to do a Halo Announcer take.

  2. A Randomizer isn’t something I’m opposed to :smile:

  3. Gargos for sure, less flambouyant and gotta say it, a bit sinister like MK.

I’ve seen a post in the old forum suggesting the idea of Cinder being an announcer. Would be fun as heck to hear.

1- Ken Lobb. Nuff said
2- Gargos. Cause bosses have cool voices.
3- Shadow Jago. Following the Gargos idea, all bosses should be announcers.
4- @TheKeits. When you drop a combo, announcer says “You are the worst”, and when you perform a >60% combo he should say “WE SHOULD NERF THAT” XDD

A female (Aria doesnt count)

Peter Dinklage quits Bungie’s ghost character to play the new KI announcer. If it happened, you’d probably think it was hilarious and a bad idea, but I could live with it.

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Pay your debts combo!!!

My fight MONEY!!!

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I’m Groot

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Rash as an announcer…BOOM

Eh, most of you guys are missing the point lol…more anouncers is fine with me, but its more about all 3 anouncers commentating on a fight.

I wouldn’t mind having:

-Orchid voice actor
-Female metal sounding voice
-Corey Taylor from Slipknot sounding voice (or Corey Taylor lol)
-Kan Ra voice actor
-Finish default voice

I think it’d be cool to have a bunch of different voices, but I also really think that MS needs to talk to Amazon and Double Helix about perhaps contracting to using Mike a day here or a day there and paying both him and them for his time. Having him as the default voice for season one and then using a different sounding voice for season 2 (which does sound way different to me), is incredibly jarring.

At the same time? That’s kind of a programming stretch isn’t it? Not to mention all the different announcers would need dialogue written and voice overs recorded for such an endeavor. You’d have to contemplate scenarios where they could overlap in a meaningful way, etc.

If you just take all the different announcers and just threw them together at once, it would be a nightmare. What if ARIA’s ultra combo announcement comes out instead of Mike’s or the classic one with Chris? Her’s is just so antihype.

By randomizing the announcers together, you’ve just got this mishmash of announcers that makes no sense.

Maybe you could elaborate on the execution of this idea?

I would love to be able to pick and choose which announcer did which lines. I like Chris’ Counter Breaker callout, but I like Mike’s Godlike Combo callout.

There’s a lot to pick and choose from then, but I think I can see where you could go with it. It’s still a lot of extra work though for something that seems so minor in payoff.

1.Cree Summer
2.Clint Eastwood (or parody of him)
3.Microsoft Sam

Joke selection:
Jerry Seinfeld

My vote goes to a Cinder announcer. After that time he took over the KI Twitter, I’d be hooked on more Cinder shenanigans.

I would be all up for that!

Gargos has to happen, and maybe Eyedol, i feel like the 2 heads would talk in unison and would make for an interesting announcer option

yeah it would be something kinda like that or depending on the strength of combos…maybe like 3 - 5 hits would be aira’s wheel house since she sounds like she gives no ■■■■■. Unless they can make her sound more hype.