New stage ultra announcement

I get they wanted to add something else to the mix but the voice and they way it is announced is quite bad in comparison to the normal ‘ultra combo’ and ‘ultraaàaaaa’.

It’s over too quick, doesn’t pack a punch line and sounds way too different from the normal announcer.

However! The second part to the stage ultras. Stating ’ Bannished’ and ‘Buried’ etc is great.

Please please please redo the “stage ultra” announcements to be more in your face… more along the lines of “Staaaaaage Ulllltraaàaaaaa”


I also miss “ULTRAAAAAAA!!” at the very end of a double ultra or a single with a final hit. I do feel it makes the hype die down a bit and doesn’t feel as if it should be said that way >.<

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So it is gone? I wondered why I stopped hearing it after my large hitting ultras

Ive seen a lot of people syaing they dont hear “ULTRAAAAAAAAAA!!” but I do every time. dont know whats up, maybe just a bug? I agree with OP i would like it if they redid the stage ultra announcement. Great idea, poor execution

If you have a clip that’d be some nice proof :smiley: Just curious and not bashing you.

Skip towards 4:11.

Also why not say “splattered!” from Halo?

Its glitched. They are working on putting it back.


This concern has been raised. Devs acknowledged that the take they used wasn’t well delivered and there’s a better version coming in April.

Yeah they should switch it to splattered makes much more sense.

I hope this is true

He said it in a thread just like this one.

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I don’t mind just ULTRAAA! and then keepn the term on how someone was defeated. I love the whole “KNOCK OFF” and “BANISHED” and “REKT!!”

Also is the announcer saying “Splattered” ?

Maybe you are the only one that has the Ultraaaaa…

Are u sure u heard?

never mind i was confused about the actual issue. hadn’t noticed it was missing.

I really don’t think Stage Ultras should be announced any differently than standard Ultras. Inside the fictional story-space of the game, there are no stages. The term “stage” is behind-the-scenes video game jargon for an interactive environment. Hearing the announcer gurgle “Stage Ultra” makes him sound like the nerd sitting next to you, not the disembodied source of malevolent intellect he’s supposed to be.

Also, it’s information we don’t need. It’s obvious that a Stage Ultra just occurred. We don’t need a sit-rep, but we want an emotionally resonant sound effect – which is why everyone is crying, “Where’s my ULTRAAAAA?”