New stage lighting appreciation thread

Since Keits showed us the new lightning for the stages in season 3, I think it’s a good idea to leave feedback, ratings or comments about how each stage now looks.

It’s gorgeous. Sadira’s and Maya’s stages especially, imo. I love the new lighting in Season 3. <3

I think now we’ve seen all the stages it would be nice to have a slider for each one for us to compare. Do you think you could provide us that please @rukizzel ?

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I missed mayas.does it look much better?
On a side note, have they fixed orchids hair? It looks better or am I seeing things?

Anyone have print of Maya’s Stage and Orchid’s Stage New Lightning?:no_mouth:

I don’t have any prints because my internet is bad and I could only watch in Low setting. It would be nice to have official images :slight_smile:

All look fantastic. Would of been cool to add some other Riptor units running around on riptors stage but it all good. However… One little thing… With alk the new lighting the shadows visual more apparent… and the characters shadows always face away from the screen no matter where the light source is coming from. Would be cool to have them dynamic to the stage lighting too… see Arganos stage for example… such a strong light source coming in from the outside yet character shadows remain facing towards the light source rather than away… as I said… little things :slight_smile:

As I said in the other thread

I am watching Keits stream right now.

To be honest, the new lightning looks a bit weird. I’m not sure it was worth it.

The art style of the characters was more in tune with the old lightning, this one is too realistic. I don’t know how to explain it.

The new lightning system works good for the stages, but for the characters… not sure about it.

Orchid’s stage looks great with the new system, and Fulgore too. But Thunder’s doesn’t, for example. Aganos stage looks weird also.

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I’m also not sure if I actually like the new lighting…

I actually think every stage I saw looks better. And not by a small margin. Really looking forward to the S3 update.

The visuals make the combat more appealing to look at. I feel the art direction did the game wonders as far as presentation is concerned.

I’d say the new lighting looks amazing for the most part. I was actually surprised how much better things look. :slightly_smiling:

I think in some of the darker areas of the levels (i.e. right side of Riptor’s stage) the characters can blend a bit into the background, but overall it looks really good. Would also be cool if the shadows cast by the character were more dynamic, but that’s really the only thing I’d say is “missing”.

If only someone here is kind enough to post pictures of the changes…I want to see how the new lighting looks like.

I adore Kan Ras’ new lighting on his stage, the blue looks incredible.

I think the lighting looks ok…not great. The big problem I have with it though is it seems a bit overdone in some stages. It changes some of the hues & aesthetics of the stages. I’m not knocking the added details you can see now, but like on Thunder’s stage for example: it looks like there was so much focus on getting the proper lighting of an approaching storm they didn’t think of how it might graywash such a gorgeous background. Spinal’s too…it looks like a great moonlight ocean…minus the eerie ethereal greenish glow acknowledging that this is Spinal’s domain.


I am not really sure how anyone could not like the new visuals. It’s actually very strange, the way people are. But my Ma always said not everyone thinks like I do.

The color pop is the most noticeable change. I cannot make out a whole lot due to Stream quality, but I am noticing the polish that it gives the whole screen. And the characters are reflecting better and shining a bit more.

I completely agree.

I agree, although I do think some stages benefit more than others. Maya’s stage for example was beautiful already so the improvement isn’t as drastic. Sadira’s, Orchid’s or Glacius’ stages however are leaps better than their previous versions.
I’ll admit, I had my doubts when they first showed it off in the Kim Wu trailer but now the new lighting is one of the things I can’t wait for. The decision to redo it was totally worth it in my eyes. Often people don’t even know they wanted something until it’s there.

And I am sure they are not done with all of them but there was some strange things happening on Hisako’s stage. It was very foggy when the match starts and then it gets dark. Also the front building no longer flashes with the lightning until the Ultra.

Spinal’s no longer has any green does it? Looks a bit more generic nigh time now but most importantly at least a little tint of green would help to keep that weird, acursed and spectral atmosphere I think it should have.

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