New Stage and Colors?

I was really not impressed by Shadow Lords, it just looked like so many complex things added to a simple fighting game story mode. So much buildup and disappointment with Season 3. I also noticed the new stage and other colors. I sure as hell hope we don’t have to play Shadow Lords to unlock them.

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For people who mostly play single player, Shadow Lords looks good.
Of course to make a real review about it, gonna have to play it first but its something new and i am open for it.
BTW, the stage looks very good. And i hope that we have to play shadow lords to unlock colors. thats good.
don’t be so negative.
But i understand, you can never do good for everyone.
Always gonna be some people who like / dislike a new game mode or something.
Just give it a go when it comes out, never know that you like it. :smile:

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Have you liked a single thing that’s happened since Season 1? There’s a real negative trend to everything you post at this point.


I liked everything about Season 1 and 98% of Season 2. The Trend is easy:

The time they had to pull off Season 2 was impossible. IG did the impossible with everything against them especially the time to deliver. When you don’t have enough time and assets, how can you produce something so polished? Impossible right, highly likely that it won’t be inspired. But they did it despite all the bad which is tight timetable / new developer picking up the pieces / limited assets.

I had faith that they’d work their asses off and make it happen and they did amazingly which brings us to Season 3. Now Season 3 was announced but already in production before so in fact IG had way more time on Season 3. This sounds like a recipe for greatness when you compare to what they pulled off on a tight timetable with Season 2, I mean how could it not?

The thing that went wrong was very bad decision making and I think IG listened to a lot of bad ideas from the forums which poisoned the already great foundation they built upon and added. Guest characters, lackluster looking characters, Shadow Lords with our fighters having Pokemon? The reality is they turned everything upside down and threw ■■■■ at the fan to see what would stick.

With established IP’s you don’t want to just throw anything at it to see what sticks because that is where the IP’s begin the decline. If they maintained their focus the expected greatness would’ve happened and the characters would look on par with S1 & S2 for one thing (especially when you have more time to work on it) it is clear as day that more focus was put on less important things and the new KI standard for the aesthetics took a backseat to other ideas and wacky things to throw people off since we wouldn’t expect it and in their minds would be fresh and new. If I want to play and RPG Card Fighter or Pokemon game I will go get that game. I strongly believe IG mismanaged all of Season 3 and it became a jumbled mess. I don’t have to try Shadow Lords to see if I’d like it, I know I don’t I watch the entire video in discust at E3. I played games like that before and I can’t help but be more annoyed everytime they make huge mis-steps knowing they had more time to make Season 3 compared to Season 2.

It is like an open wound that still stings everytime I see more bad news about Season 3 that they had more time to make Season 3 than they had for Season 2.

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Wait, new colors. When did this happen? got anything to show me?

Yeah new colors that’s new to me too!

You’re absolutely welcome to your opinion, but it’s YOUR OPINION. It really doesn’t match up with the overall response the community has given S3, which is perfectly fine. The problem is that you have a tendency to post all these incredibly negative things, constantly, and don’t actually engage in real conversation because you’re too busy complaining about the tilt in this character’s nose, or how Tusk straps his belt from left to right rather than right to left.

The “Pokemon” aspect of your above post makes no sense - I assume you’re talking about the Guardian items? The buffs and changes to the characters and the way they fight are similar to modifiers in MK or the special challenge modes in the Soul Calibur series. You’re not collecting and leveling up creatures while traveling around the world fighting tons of other creatures. The KI gameplay itself isn’t changing, you’re still playing the SAME GAME but with modifiers.

You don’t like the mode? Totally fine. But that doesn’t mean it’s OK to continuously piss on things the community is generally excited about without having an actual discussion.

@justathereptile During the E3 stream Jago had a different color on which we haven’t seen before. I don’t think that’s necessarily an indication of a new set of colors, it’s more likely that is his Color 11 which will ship with the electronic Jago figure.


You could be right about that.

Where did they show off anything about new colors ?

In my opinion, none of your complaints are proportionate to the negativity you attribute to them, and you state a lot of things as facts which are either questionable or that are simply opinions - and minority opinions at that.

Not really a supported statement. Without getting hold of their Gantt charts, I don’t think you can really make this claim. You don’t know how much time, hours, resources etc. were being devoted to what and when. [quote=“Kixmix, post:4, topic:11611”]
The thing that went wrong was very bad decision making and I think IG listened to a lot of bad ideas from the forums which poisoned the already great foundation they built upon and added.

This is not really useful. It’s just a restatement that you don’t like it. “Instead of making bad decisions, they should have made good ones” is not a useful point of feedback. So what are these bad decisions?

Guest characters - You may not like guest characters. Plenty of hardcore KI players don’t. But it is hard to argue that they haven’t been a runaway success, bringing a lot of outside attention to the game. Sorry you don’t like them. But bad idea? My guess is MS has a poster up on the wall with some sort of award for the guy who made the decision to put in guest characters.

Lackluster looking characters - again, this is entirely subjective. They don’t look lackluster to me. And the general response from the community has been very positive. You don’t have to like them, but without offering more real evidence that the characters have less detail, energy, or whatever you choose to measure by proxy, you can’t really claim this as anything other than opinion.

ShadowLords mode - again, generating plenty of positive feedback. I, myself, am not very interested in Shadow Lords, so I’m predisposed to be sympathetic to your viewpoint. But what do people love about NRS games? An involved Story Mode. What are people criticizing SF V for? Not having an involved story mode. Every game in the universe is adding RPG elements. Injustice 2 has announced already that they will be doing something similar to this. So S3 is a trendsetter in this regard and they are responding to public feedback. So, you may not like Shadow Lords - and that’s fine. But you can’t say making the mode is “mismanagement.” It is responding to a real and verifiable need.

And just to go back to your statement - nothing added to S3 has “poisoned” anything that you could like about S1/2. All that stuff is still there.

This statement is really out there. It is not “clear as day.” I don’t think you could get ten people to agree with this statement. I, personally, don’t feel that the S3 aesthetics are in any way worse than S1 or S2. In many ways they are better.

And again, you are one of those people who absolutely insist on blaming everything on IG. The project is being implemented by IG in cooperation with MS. They aren’t just doing this on their own. You have no idea - maybe IG lobbied hard not to make Shadow Lords mode and MS forced them to do it. Maybe IG convinced MS that it was a good idea. I have some pet ideas about who in which organization has been supportive of what features etc., but unless the devs get on and tell us we are just whistling in the dark. Don’t focus so much on IG - it’s the KI team that has produced S3, and that includes people from IG and MS.

“Mismanaged” has a specific meaning and it isn’t “made creative decisions that I don’t agree with.”

So, here is a good opportunity. What is it they should have done instead of all of this that would make you happy with the game. Not generic and uninterpretable things like “maintained their focus.” Real suggestions. What would have made S3 achieve the greatness that you think is currently missing?

Here is my prediction of what you want:

  1. No guest characters
  2. A stage for every character
  3. Eyedol

Am I wrong?


Idk if I am allowed to post a link but somebody who accidentally has access to SL modes fought “Mimic” Fulgore which is like a green and black fulgore whose limbs are made of the smokey/mist stuff Omen seems to be made of, but green. I also believe there is mimic omen too. These are likley the new colors people are talking about.

As a fan whose out 250+ hours into this game and loves the competitive side of it shadow lords mode looks incredible and there’s really no reason not to be excited for it. It seems like suddenly the fans forget they don’t work at IG. God forbid the game isn’t 100% catered to there every need. Does every character not getting a stage suck? Yeah, but we are getting a massive story mode with game changing mechanics collectables, cut scenes and more! Don’t throw a hissy fit about something that isn’t even out yet!

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I wish they kept things simple in season 3 and just stuck to the formula

instead of shadow lords, have the stages for all characters. Create new KI characters (I dont hate the guests but would prefer they kept making awesome new KI characters) Add in things that were missing from s1 and s2 like no mercies/humiliations for all the characters, maybe some new intros/outros for the cast and thats really all they needed to do, I hate that shadow lords mode is being put in instead of all these KI staples that should be included without a second thought like stages for everyone and finishers

oh well heres hoping there is a season 4 and if so I hope they’ll go back and include all these things that should of been included already

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I think they may be confusing “new colors” with the mimick-green versions of the AI.


Id be surprised if they even wanted to make a season four after spending hundreds of hours to give everyone b epic story mode just to see the community complain all day.

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1, Right
2. Right
3. Wrong
4. 1 Ultimate per character
5. Tag-Team Mode

Factor in things that didn’t need adjustments, the overhaul of the lighting system, purple shadow everything, UI changes that weren’t needed, level 4 enders, Shadowlords etc. When you think they can’t make an Ultimate per character it sounds like they could’ve if they didn’t go the path of working on things that were un-necessary and the character designed would look on par with S1 and 2

Okay, well at least we can know what your definition of success looks like. You’re still saying the character designs are weaker in S3, but I can’t really see any case for that.

Re: Ultimates - I don’t think this is a resource constraint. I think they just don’t want to do it. It’s worth pointing out that S3 doesn’t have fewer Ultimates than S1 or S2. I like no mercies and Ultimates. I would be happy to see them in the game. But I don’t spend a lot of time missing them.

Number 5. Is interesting. Certainly plenty of people like this idea but couldn’t you also call this a distracting new idea thrown in just to surprise us?

As far as bad UI color choices etc. these are all legitimate opinions. But I’m not sure they are really things that would wreck the game for fans of S1 and 2.

Sounds more like you’re just upset they didn’t do what you wanted and so you’re attacking what they did choose to do instead.


I’m thinking ultra Enders could be seen as a worthy successor to ultimates.

Would anyone be happy if They added an alternate ultra ender?

About colors, I thought it was a given we’d get new ones for season 3

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The “mimics” have a green set of skins with a foggy green smoke effect on them, its still unknown if we can unlock them.

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