New Samurai Showdown - 2019 release


Momochi and Chocoblanka matches


Just 4? I have to pray that Kazuki gets in then.

I’m expecting a boss character to be in there as well. Not sure who though.


Solid, but I think I like the KOF XIV theme more.


If Ukyo is in then I expect Kazuki to be dlc.


I meant Sogetsu of course.

In other news: OMG!


Just WOW. Music is LIT.


This guide is really well done…


Thanks for update. I just wonder were Genan Shiranui is? Seems weird they’d keep the whole classic roster but him. Am confident that Amakusa will probably show up again at some point!


And Wan-fu! Don’t want to forget him!


Awesome stuff


Cool effects on her Heavy. I like how you can see the sawing in the paint.


Music is really cool in these trailers imo… I hope it continues that way.

Also the pre-order has been up for a while on the Japanese playstation store. I don’t see it yet on the US XB or PS stores though…


My Lord…that faint when he throws the :apple:.


I like how one of her supers is a giant drill.


Mechanics and controls


They kept his Fire Slash. God help us…