New retro color with patch/notes

hey y’all. wasn’t there supposed to be a new retro color for ultra edition owners? I don’t see it in my option select and I’m an ultra edition owner. I’m sure the patch notes indicated it was this most recent update.
what gives yo?

retro color 7 are for S3 characters only.
Check carefully^^

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Remember that the new color is only for season 3 characters, i have all the new colors since i installed the patch , if you dont maybe you should report it to an administrator.

thank you good sir that answers that. thanks again :slight_smile:

I have also a question: There were some color keys with action figures. Are these colors obtainable somehow or by buying figures only?

Just by buying the figures

Sometimes Ultimate Source does giveaways on Twitter. I got a Fulgore Color 10 from one of them.