New player here!

Just started playing KI last week and been having a blast and finally found a forum for the game. I’m not new to fighters I’ve been playing all my life so i think I’m decent at this game. Looking for others to fight and fight many shadows out there. Add me guys, looking forward to great fight, GT is Blackman Yeaya


Welcome to KI! Hope you have fun, and meet lots of friends here. We are all pretty chill here, and help one another. So, If you’d like to play with us sometime, be sure to hit us up! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the KI Family!

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Awesome, what’s your GT guys?

It’s the same as our Forum name. All of us. Including you! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums! There’s a lot of nice people here, so hopefully you have some fun and feel free to add me!

Welcome to KI club!

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welcome and try to not be addicted to CAM (combo assist manager). Be a good KI player. Try to do not use CAM forever. Cheers bro!

Ah, fresh meat! Awesome! :smiling_imp:

Ha ha! Just kidding! :smirk:

…but you will die…

…a lot. :skull:

About GTs on this site - it doesn’t show spaces in them even if they’re supposed to be there. For example, my username on here is GalacticGeek, but my GT is actually Galactic Geek on Xbox Live. :alien:

I’ll definitely add :heavy_plus_sign: you to help you learn the game and practice :video_game: - helping new players around here is kind of my speciality, especially since I’m a teacher (it’s simply what I love to do). Besides, I want to show you just how awesome a good Aganos player (e.g., me) can really be. :wink:

I’m on most days and especially on the weekends, so add me, and then send me an invite some time. The 1 thing I can always guarantee you is fun. :balloon:

In the meantime, check out @Infilament’s guide to KI - it’s the best KI guide online :ballot_box_with_check: and has even been endorsed by the devs! I’ll let him link to and introduce you to it, since he’s great with the game’s mechanics and will likely want to meet you too. Remember, learning :book: = success :mortar_board:.

Also, every Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern time :clock2:, @MrxFlutterShy and @RGLOfficial host the Ultra-Combo Forum Battles where a lot of the forum locals get together in a lobby, use what they’ve learned since the previous week in a pseudo-kind of tournament :trophy: atmosphere complete with a live stream to Twitch :movie_camera:, live commentary :mega:, and enough banter :speech_balloon: that will make your head spin :open_mouth:! Again, I’ll let them introduce you to it with the details since they know more about it than I do (and they can link you to the thread where they created it (since I don’t know the exact address :envelope: to do it myself).

Welcome to the community! :family: Stick around! You’ll love it here - I promise! :+1:


The guide mentioned above is here: . Hopefully you’ll find out something new about the game by browsing it!


I am the great, fabled, @MrxFlutterShy you have heard so much about!

LOL. just kidding. Im only a basic everyday KI player, and Manager of Forum Battles. Search for “Forum Battles” in the search bar and come join us! Feel free to introduce yourself, then be ready to accept about 15 friend requests!

My personal GT is “Mr xFlutterShy”. Even though im not perfect, i LOVE teaching people KI, so im always available for a session if you want to play!

Welcome to the KI community, our new fellow KI fan AND player :slightly_smiling:

WELCOME! you have come to the right place! This is were you ca learn it all… dont hesitate to ask anyone for tips. I firmly believe that the forums makes you a better player with out a doubt!

Welcome to the forums. I’d be happy to fight you, just add me and send me a message if you want to play. I am also a co-founder of The Killer instinct Forum Battles (info in the link above, but bookmark it as it’ll change title relatively frequently). Seems like @galacticGeek failed to mention my name in that post before.

I am a player with no sight whatsoever and, though I wouldn’t say I’m that good, other people like @m00nlightNinja, @RGLOfficial, @Blindgamer102 and @MrxFlutterShy seem to think I’m at least decent, wouldn’t you say guys? :smiley:
Everyone else who has posted have been correct - the forums are the place to ask and learn about new happenings on KI. If you ever want to ask questions, come here, post on atopic or make a new one and I bet someone will be glad enough to try and help you.

Look forward to hopefully fighting you soon.

As a sort of P.S, if nobody else has flagged itup, CAM stands for Combo Assist Mode, not Combo Assist Manager (IIRC).


Would like to play you some time too Galactic.
Also love to play Aganos but could really use some pointers.

Also, I’m a teacher too :smile:

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Hello! My name is Ryan, most people know me around here by my gamertag, RGL Official! I enjoy writing, Youtubing, digital art and being strikingly attractive. :smile: As it was already stated, I’m one of the co-founders of the Forum Battles.

The community was the sole reason I came to these forums almost a year ago and they have kept me here for a significant amount of time. That’s right, you just walked into singlehandedly the best community in fighting games.

Right now I run the Youtube channel “The Lazy Gamers” where I discuss news and the goings on of the KI community. I also upload footage from the Forum Battles weekly.

Welcome to the KI forums!

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Wow, great community so far. Way better than some others I’ve been in. I’m Addison all of you guys and will be in touch. Also I do not use CAM I refuse to use that lol I think manual inputs are way better.

Welcome. Great community indeed.
But I must say that your last statement on CAM could get you into all sorts of trouble on this forum, lol. Everyone means well, though. Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to Killer Instinct dude!

GG @robc94 and @GalacticGeek. Sadly, my whole family came through the front door and the wifi gave up on life.