New player here, a little help?

So I joined here just about a few hours ago and this is my first time around so apologies if I do anything odd.
Soo, I’ve had the free version of KI downloaded for a little over a year now and I’ve been playing on it (on and off), got a little progress and everything. Now I’ve decided it’s about time to get the definitive edition and I’m thinking of buying the CD. Y’all think it’s a go? Has anyone faced problems with it?
Also, I wanted to know if my progress from the free game will be intact after I’ve signed into the definitive edition.
Thanks for reading!

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I got the Xbox Definitive Edition, and it’s great. I haven’t had any problems with it (except it doesn’t have the Christmas costumes :frowning: ). I can’t say about the transfer of your progress, but I guess it would work.


If you are on the either xbox/microsoft version your progress will transfer b/c it’s based on your xbox account.


Ah I see. Glad to know it worked out! I was actually conflicted on whether to get the CD or buy it through the Xbox store but I’ll give the disk a chance,see it how it goes

What I thought too but I wanted to be sure, :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the confirmation!:grin:

On the note of me being a new player, anyone got some tips to offer to a beginner? I’m not completely unaware of the gameplay, my brother has been playing KI more consistently than myself but I’m about to properly start. KI is not just the first FG that I’ve played, but my first console game in general. :smile:
I’ve known this game for about a little more than a year now and have really only invested myself in the characters and the story and not made any real progress except making myself a lil oc :joy:
Sorry for all that intro I’m just v v excited! So back to the main point, Id love some tips and suggestions and maybe some specific ones since I’m looking to main either Hisako or my good man Jago.
Thanks for reading!

I’m not sure about this, not owning the disc, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the disc has only half the content of the game and it comes with a code to download the rest. I point that out b/c I bought the SFV CE on disc thinking it had all the content on it but what that actually ended up being was SFV and then a code to download the remaining content. From a manufacturing standpoint this makes sense as you don’t need to print new discs. So if you are looking to get the disc for that purpose you might want to do that bit of research.

That’s some helpful piece of info, I’ll be sure to look into that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I haven’t come across any specific review of the sort for the game’s disc yet, so I’ll look to reviews of other games on discs.

Here’s some tips/things to think about. Right now ranked isn’t a conducive place to really learn the game. At this stage, KI is very top-heavy. So if you qualify and get place in Silver, you will be matched against Killer and Gold level players more regularly than Silver players. This can be disheartening as you are spending your time getting your ■■■ beat by someone who understands the game on a level you don’t yet.

Here is the link for the KI Discord.
This link should never expire.

Here you can find other players of your level and participate in exhibition matches and lobbies. It might be more fun to play the game this way than to grind out rank.

As for character selection, figure out what you like to do, how you like to win and pick a character that does that.

Here is the link to Infil’s KI guide. It should help you out a lot for character selection and gameplay strategiesl

Best of Luck!

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Thank you soo very much, you’re great help :laughing: :laughing:
I’ll get my game on very soon, pick me a character and start practicing. Then hopefully in a few months I’ll get into Discord and play with other people too!
Tysm again :cherry_blossom:

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I recommend doing all or most of the lessons in the practice mode, and playing against the computer too in the survival mode. Jago is probably a good one to start with.


Welcome @Kanae_Uzumaki ! Fyi, digitally, the game goes on sale for about $9.99 regularly. If the retail physical copy isn’t that cheap, I recommend waiting for the digital sale (one either just finished, or today is it’s last day for the Spring Sale).

All of your progress will transfer over.

Also, in terms of learning and playing the game, I hold a bi-weekly casuals every second Sunday. All skill levels are welcome, and while it’s mostly Gold and Killer Tier these days, we do get some Silver Tiers every now and again. You’d be most welcome to join us.

If you’re interested, I’ll tag you in the thread.


Ty @Juxtapose13 for all the info!

That would be real nice but I’m still relatively new to the game :pleading_face:, it’s been an awfully long time since I last played. As I mentioned, I’m looking to get the game first, try out characters, and get a decent enough grip! Then I can, hopefully, join discord, start small and later play with you guys too!


No worries man, you’re welcome to join anytime!

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